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||Page||Type|[Description||Reporter|| ||60-63||UNCLEAR||Neither the character creation pages nor the character creation summary indicate whether it costs Alchemicals bonus points to raise an ability over 3 at character creation, though restrictions for Background and Virtues are spelled out explicitly.||HeridFel|| ||130||UNCLEAR||The primary mode of Sustenance Replication Engine is listed with a Duration of Permanent and a Type of Upgrade, neither of which is defined.||HeridFel|| ||151||UNCLEAR||The Magnet Golem has Archery 5 (Levinbolt +2) but the Levinbolt uses the Dexterity + Thrown score.||HeridFel|| ||285||TYPO|[Under The First and Forsaken Lion's Abilities Perception is listed where Presence should have been.||Paladinltd||


Nephilpal said that the normal restrictions on abilities are supposed to apply to Alchemicals in a post on The Sustenance Replication Engine should probably be Duration N/A and Type Permanent. The Magnet Golem should probably use its Dexterity + Archery score. - HeridFel

Alchemicals are allowed to raise abilities over 3 at character creation without spending bonus points. -- OhJames
This is incorrect, according to Nephilpal's post at - post 25. It's not official errata, so I didn't post it there. Should I be putting it in one of the Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal pages or something? -- HeridFel
Probably. --MF