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||Page||Type|[Description||Reporter|| ||177||UNCLEAR|[The Ritual of Lunar Stability charm's Duration is listed as "A number of lunar months equal to permanent Essence". However, the charm text says "This effect lasts a number of weeks equal to her permanent Essence".||Toram|| ||215||UNCLEAR|[The Concealment Blight states that it can only conceal Poxes and Blights, which correspond to the first and third levels of benign mutation, respectively. There's no explanation for whether it works on Afflictions (the second level).||Toram|| ||216||SUPPLANTED|[ExaltedPlayersGuide p125 recommends increasing the 1 mote per WP substitution of the Essence Channeler Blight to 3 motes per WP.||Toram||


I would probably have the Ritual of Lunar Stability last for months, not weeks...10 motes of committed Essence is enough of a balancing factor in itself. --Toram

I would guess that the writer intended to have The Concealment Blight work on Poxes and Afflictions, but not Blights. --Toram