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Exalted Planescape

Come child, you look lost.

You poor sod, you're shivering...

... this place? This is Sigil, the Hive to be exact...

No, you're not dead, or you wouldn't be here.

Well, that's not strictly true... do you remember anything?

Yes? Then you're not dead.

Oh, right, the Malfeans escaped the Labyrinth and the Yozi escaped Malfeas...were they inside the Malfeans?

... I'll take that as a no then.

Right, well we'll get you somewhere warm then, as you're obviously not impressed by the gods...

Sorry, my mistake, you're right, the gods can't help you either, but that's because they're frauds who don't care about us.

No, they're not dead.

What you thought they were the only ones? You thought this Creation was the only world? You are such a clueless sod.

Now let's get out of the open, shall we?

- an Athar recruiter, coming across the first of Creation's exiles

Table of Contents

- AshenPhoenix


Have done some rearrangement to the layout, and added a vague introductory story. Eh. Will probably get revised. - AshenPhoenix

Talk about the Lady of Pain. ~ Andrew02

What!?!? Have you gone barmy!?!? Don't mention Her Serenity!! But seriously - I'll mention The Lady in flavor text, and in Locations - Sigil, and in Personailites. I'm not sure how Sigil-centric to make this, espicially with the Pre/Post Faction War, so I'm not wanting to promote the Lady's control on the Factions too highly. - AshenPhoenix
It's just not Planescape without the presence of the Lady of Pain waiting in the ST's payload of retributive anti-idiocy devices. She is the impossible. The absolute. She is beyond any being in the Exalted setting. The ultimate 'fuck you' to players who think they can do anything. - Andrew02
Oh, I totally agree about Her Serenity requiring inclusion. A better example of Deus Ex Machina there never was. I will be needing to tinker with some of the traditional Planescape elements (the Paraelemental planes may be one - I'm thinking I'll need to kick Ooze for Wood - or maybe adding it as an additional Elemental plane) but I'm trying remain true to the spirit and the published material (novels excepted). I love Planescape, but in order to avoid copyright infringement and republishing Exalted I'm going to have to tinker a little. I also value accountability though and will justify every change I make, and try to add alternatives and explain consequences. - AshenPhoenix
Awesome! And to think I had a similiar idea just yesterday... -Norhg who will defintly help this project any way he can.

The Lady of Pain is easy to stat in Exalted: Every attack she makes is Perfect, and she can reflexively defend against all attacks with Heavenly Guardian Defense at no cost. Her attacks deal aggravated damage and ignore all soak. Banga banga, she wins, you lose - though she can be delayed, frustrated, or slowed, she cannot be killed, and she cannot be ultimately overcome. -- Kukla

If such an entity exists, you're not really playing Exalted anymore. You're playing a different game with the Exalted system. Even the Kukla can be killed. The fundamental rule of Exalted is "This, too, shall have its ass kicked in great kung-fu fashion." Vargo Teras.
And the first rule of the lady is that "you die".-Norhg
I agree with Comrade Teras. The Primordials, creators of EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS (outside the Wyld), can be and have been defeated. Unless the Lady of Pain came up with the Wyld in the first place. In any case, I just have one big question about this new project... what can change the nature of a man? --UncleChu
Also agreeing with Comrade Teras. At the very most, the Lady might be represented as an Abyssal, or high-Essence Chosen of Endings. Anything can be killed by an Exalt. At least, if Creation were to start sending refugees, there'd be a few days, months, or years, until eventually everyone else there said "Whoa. These dudes know some serious kung-fu" and started rallying behind the banner of people like the Bull of the North, the Empress (if she was around) or any other high-Essence Exalt. All of the D&D style characters in the setting would soon find that DemonKillerWhite was not someone to be trifled with. -- GreenLantern, who knows that Exalted is simply superior. It's like having Superman come into the setting. Of course Superman is going to kick butt.
I wouldn't go quite that far, as several things come to mind. For one thing, either A) There is no Essence outside creation for the Exalted to tap to fuel their Kung-Fu, or B) the natives already know how to tap it and it's the source of their powers, in which case, you're going to find there's plenty of locals who can match up to the exiles from Creation. But I agree that the idea of the Lady of Pain being invincible simply isn't congruent with the spirit of Exalted. --JohnBiles
One of the performance charms in Cult of the Illuminated if I recall ^^ FluffySquirrel