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No real thoughts... yet.

As I recall, Spycraft has a ROCKING system for handling various 'stunts' done with firearms- mucho better than the standard World of Darkness. Although it's d20, it'd probally serve as a much better base for what can be done, and what the rough mechanical effects are.

More when I get home and can flip through Spycraft with this in mind :)

- DariusSolluman

A quick breakdown of Firearms

  • They operate as all other Ranged weapons, with the addition of one more descriptor, namely, Area
  • Area is a term that refers to how many targets you can sight per point of rate. The four categories available are Single-Shot (such as sniper-rifles), Semi-Automatic (glocks), Fully-Automatics (assault rifles), and Launchers (bazookas, etc.); In shorthand, these are each referred to (respectively) as Shot, Burst, Sweep and Splash attacks.
  • There are new penalties and rules associated with cover and attacking multiple opponents.

Beyond those three bits, I left Firearms basically identical to Ranged weapons of other varieties. This was deliberate - Exalted, as some people have said, gets crunchy fast, and in my opinion, less is more. This page ought to be brief, if I do it right! - Balthasar

Addendum: Which isn't to say I don't have any interest in seeing what Spycraft has to say. You can quote me: I love d20, and anyone who dislikes it can kiss my shiny metal ass. Punks :-D - Balthasar

There's already a Sweep attack maneuver; it makes me rather uncomfortable having overlapping terminology. Just something to think about. - FourWillowsWeeping

I can see your point. Well, I'm open to suggestions for terminology. Spray? Volley? Array? Shower? Barrage? Flood? Any ideas? - Balthasar

Strafe? - Balthasar

WoD games call it "spray," if memory serves. Strafe sounds good, too.\\ _Ikselam

Decided to go with strafe. I like it much more than sweep, anyway. - Balthasar