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Thaumaturgy Relay

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Theme: Everyday Life.

These are Rituals which people use to make their own lives easier. If asked, most people will protest they're not even proper thaumaturgy, but those are the principles used to make them function. Anything from cooking dinner to performing minor repairs, as long as it's useful and helps in everyday life. -- picked by Darloth, because Death... well... died.

Water Boiling Cantrip • -Darloth
Known all over creation to anyone with some talent in the kitchen and just the slightest dabbling in the magical arts, the Water Boiling Cantrip makes cooking up dinner much simpler and faster.

As long as there is a source of heat, even if it is a feeble and ordinarily too small campfire, it will be amplified through the focussing power of this simple ritual, and the pot so ensorcelled will boil within a few minutes at most, staying at that temperature for as long as the cost (2 motes or 1 willpower) are kept committed, or up to one hour, whichever comes first.

If this ritual is to be used on multiple pots, the cost must be paid each time, and a separate heat source will likely be needed unless it's simply being used to speed initial boiling on a cooking range or similar. If so, the cost need not be committed once the water has boiled. Luckily, aside from a source of heat, no other material components are required and the ritual is a very simple one, requiring just a few quietly spoken phrases (which almost everyone has forgotten are actually a minor prayer to the God of Scalding Liquids) and a two-handed gesture almost implying that the ritual caster is compressing the pot.

Assumption of the Dragons Blessing •• -FlowsLikeBits

This is in fact a set of five rituals that bestow upon the target a blessing associated with the invoked element.

This also gives the target minor elemental effects similar to those around the Dragon Blooded. A per+Occult roll with a difficulty of the targets Essence will detect the difference. While widely known, these rituals are not often used on the Blessed Isle, where impersonating a Dragon Blooded is punishable by death. Those who use them wear a special badge designating them as non-enlightened. Lookshy has similar regultions, although it does not require the badges. Lookshy views these rituals as bringing the user closer to enlightenment, and thus, not to be forbidden. However, impersonators will be punished harshly.

All these rituals last the entire day and take 15 minutes. (Under 2E, they are: 2,Int,1, 15 minutes. They fall under the art of Geomancy) They all require expedable materials costing resources •• These rituals are in fact prayers to Dragons themselves.

Blessing of Water This ritual requires that some of the targets saliva be dissolved in water, along with some ritual powders. The recipient may hold their breadth for an additonal minute, and gains 5 yards to per turn movement while in water.(+1 yard/tick under 2E). In addition, they are more logical, approaching problems from a variety of ways. They take a -1 DV penalty vs social attacks that appeal to reason.

This ritual is common in the west and may be easily aquired or beaten out of most pirates. The Lintha know a corrupt version of this ritual that lasts for a month, but requires a human sacrafice to drowned in the ocean. This version is technical not a thaumaturgy ritual, but a prayer to Kimberry, The Sea that Marched Against the Flame. It's trappings are based in this ritual though, so it is included here.

Blessing of Fire Various woods and some of the targets hair are burned in in a small vessel during this ritual. This ritual grants the target +5 soak vs heat based damage. The are also more comfortable in warm climates and consume 50% less water in deserts. They are also more fickle and prone to changing their mind. They have a -1 DV when someone attempts to convince them to do so.

Blessing of Wood

Some of the recipients blood and tears are dripped onto a living plant at the conclusion of this ritual. This grants the target an extra die to resist plant based poisons, resist infection and for healing rolls. It also increases their compassion by 1 for the duration of the ritual. This does not grant extra vitue channels, or enable them to do anything they would not otherwise be able to.

Blessing of Earth

A clipping of hair from 5 places on the body is buried in the earth. The target recives an extra die to resist kockdown and knockback, as well as +1 to their bashing soak. They also have difficulty changing their mind, and have -1 MDV when someone tries to convince them to stay he course. They must make a difficulty 2 willpower roll to change their mind on their own.

Blessing of Air

A single hair of the target must be given to the wind to blow where it pleases. This gives an extra die to resist cold and lightning, as well as reducing the distance of all falls by 2 yards for damage purposes. Such charachters hair is always ruffled by a wind. Some find this attractive, and use the ritual for that purpose.

Characters under this ritual are more flighty than normal. They have -1 MDV when someone tries to convince them of a new course of action.

Preservation of Paper - Heru

Minimum Degree: 1
Attribute: Intelligence
Difficulty: 1
Casting Time: Half Hour

Whether it be the book of family history, a tome of religious devotion, a book of literature, or a simple cookbook, nobody whats to have to worry about the natural ravages of time destroying precious information. This basic and simple thaumaturgical ritual removes the threat of age, the hazards of weather and the worry of disease or pests for an amount of generations equal to the number of successes that the caster achieved above the necessary minimum. As this ritual is simple, it gives no protection against direct damage.


There. My attempt at restarting this! (now with a different subject line. Apologies for the bump, I thought I majored the last one, but apparently not.)
-- Darloth

Very cool. This is sorta what I feel thaumaturgy should be. Perhaps Water Boiling makes the small god of the pot self concious, so that it goes faster if the caster does not observe the pot? The pot always makes a noise though when ready. :D

Should we start a relay that uses the 2E format? -FlowsLikeBits

Flow Like Bits... it's "Kimberry, the Sea that Marched Against the Flame." I don't like correcting other people's stuff- so I just thought I'd mention it. ^^; - Manu
Don't actually have what book she's in. Fixed -FlowsLikeBits, who wouldn't have minded. Shataina does it all the time.
2E stuff might be good. It's a bit odd (read, overcosted) but it kinda makes sense. Might go faster :)
-- Darloth

I hope I did the relay right. This is the first time that I participated in this relay, or rituation creation at all in fact. Tell me if I did it wrong. -Heru