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After the bunny girls i was inspired enough to write some stuff On everyone's favorite giant killer whale lunar and so I present to you A Story about the MachinationsOF Leviathan


Well this will be my first post to the WIKI and I hope you like it. It mostly deals with the cultural notes of one realm dynast and his observations of a very unique type of beastperson.


Taken from the journals of Cynis Casanove who was found dead of an unknown malady with only his books and a creepy smile several months ago

PHYSIOLOGY: Bunny girls are designed to be cute and appeal to people of all ages, genders, and "tastes". Their bodies are unusually soft and warm and many are known to make squeaking noises when poked or hugged

The facial area deserves special mention. Their cheeks are plump and round with great big dimples from their ever present smiles and their scarlet blushes will show through thier soft silky fur. While their faces are primarily lapine complete with a short muzzle, pink quivering noses, and long whiskers their dental structure is predominaantly human owing to their omnivorous habits. The eyes are perhaps the most striking facial feature being almost freakishly large and round framed by long eyelashes lending an air of innocense and shyness to the creature.

the torso and limbs conform for the most part to a human standard though there are a few notable expceptions. Tails are leaf shaped and fluffy and all these creatures consider thier tails to be thier most important body part. The fingers are generally blunter and broader than human average topped with vestigal claws though none of this seems to affect their dexterity. The body is covered in soft silken fur that generally is of a pleaseant temperature and smell even when wet. The legs vary from being to being some having almost human appendages while others have limbs resembling their animal forebears, though in all cases the toes are universally larger than proper human ones and are encased in thick tufts of especially soft fur.

One more interesting feature of note is the near lack of any males of the species. Perhaps less than one tenth of the total population is male leading to a raiding lifestyle quite perplexing in a usually gentle race.

REPRODUCTION: While the female of the species certainly do have an appetite for male companionship they seem to be completely devoid of any knowledge of the sexual arts. In fact when I broached the subject with one of the elders of the tribe she immediately took on the demeanor of a blushing handmaiden and could only giggle and lower her eyes. I have yet to observe any pregnant females or even infants among my hosts and therefore must surmise that they either follow a very ritualistic and solitary mating ritual, or that they increase their numbers in a most unnatural way

RELIGION: Most beastmen worship their bestial progenitor and bunny girls are no exception. From the information I gathered all their young are gifted with a plush doll when they are named into the tribe. This figure is a representation of their current Anathema leader. The creatures treat it as the spiritual focus of their lives confiding in it secrets, telling it problems, asking for advice, and even treating it as their best friend.

Another activity of ritual importance to these odd mutants is their communal snuggling. To the lapines nothing is more sacred and fullfilling than being close to another person and sharing in their warmth, smell, and heartbeat. Other activities which lead to relaxing such as massages, hot spring baths, or dancing are also considered to be semi-divine gifts and are taken very seriously.

The grand snuggle is held once a year. During this time all the elders of the various clans get together and meet. There is a great deal of feminine activities such as crying, story telling, conversation over topics as diverse as crop yields, which villages have the cutest boys, the condition of their burrows, and what adventures their god is getting into.

Finally these doe eyed maidens worship first age war machines which they keep hidden except in times of war. Those chosen to be in their precense are bound to the artifacts in a manner similiar to marriage in other cultures. The lapines then present their new god and spouse with presents, exotic foods, heads of their enemies, silks, spices and various other pieces of nonsense

SOCIETY: Lapomorph societal units are based around clans and their burrows. Each clan posseses several burrows which they migrate from depending on a number of factors of signifigance only to them. When a clan occupies their burrows they typically drive away any other sentients or force them to pay tribute to them usually through gifts of plush objects and cute boys.

Bunny women are like most barbarians more given to versatility over specialization in nescecarry tasks. That said there are a number of notable exceptions. Most notable is the three caste system of worker, warrior, and priest

MALES: while making up only a tiny proportion of the population the males of the species are given several important tasks. One is the place of mystics, keepers of knowledge, and the only ones allowed to learn how to read. It is these individuals who maintain what artifacts they posess and provide mystical insight for their tribes. While most craft skills are shared across gender boundaries the males are most known for their knowledge in metal work and the care of first age weapons. They are also more adventurous than females and so are set free to seek out oppurtunities for their clan.

FEMALES: making up the bulk of the populous they fullfill pretty much all of the tasks nescecarry for a tribe to survive. Most of their lives are spent gathering food, hunting, and foraging for raw materials to be used in crafts.

They also make up the entirety of their defense and raiding forces , such as they are, and are the only ones allowed to attune to the precious artifacts they possess.

WARFARE: While such delicate creatures might seem unfit for warfare they have proven quite adept at it when facing the unprepared. For the most part they attack like barbarians everywhere charging at their enemies without any real coordination or thought, which for such weak creatures would usually leave them ripe for destruction. However they posses access to the blasphemous magics of the anathema, and a sizable collection of artifacts, which can even the playing field. However they prefer negotiation to bloodshed, which I find strangely refreshing in uncouth savages.

RAIDING: while content for the most part to isolate themselves from the world they do have a need for items that cannot be produced with their limited technology, so they turn to raiding. In addition to more mundane goods. They raid for many things that seem inconsequential to us. Items like dyes, perfumes, pillows, and silken undergarments. And of course as I have stated they have a singular obsession with young men who they find "cute".

These are not typical raids however. Often a town will wake up to find it surrounded by a horde of these beasts accompanied by one of their war gods. Then the barbarians will send in a negotiator to broker the terms of the town’s tribute, which while odd is usually less devastating than a full-scale attack would be. Terms are usually fair with the town agreeing to pay in exotic goods and giving up their fairest youths for a set period of time, and the beast men leave the place standing.

CLOTHING: Outside their burrows Bunny girls wear little that isn't of practical use having few of the taboos that humans possess about nudity and most human manufactured clothes often don't fit their often alien bodies. Plus their thick fur, and tough footpads protect them from most of nature's minor obstacles. Vests or shorts with multiple pockets, and tie down points are the most often seen.

Inside their burrows they love to dress up in outfits taken as tribute from various villages all over the scavenger lands. Dress fads come and go in the underground warrens faster than even in the Imperial city. Currently gauzy silk garments imported from the south are becoming a particular favorite after their current master expressed a liking for such costumes.

KIVSUNGAI: Finally I must mention their apparent god. Conversation

with some of the more open members of their culture has revealed him to be an Anathema. Most perplexing is whether or not this demon is one creature, several different monsters, and whether or not they're all still existing or only one is currently extant.

Fortunately I've been invited to the grand snuggle where a new charm I've been developing for use on the opposite sex will hopefully give me some control over these foul demons given cute faces.

Next up is the mechanical stats for all the species of bunnypeople and two of their elders. BunniesStats

Also I'd like to include some basic info on the city of MoonSilver as well as the History of the the KivsungaiCult, their VulpineEnemies, and a look at the rabbit's from a certain FirstAgeLunar's perspective. Finally some words from KivsungaiAndsomeothers


I am at a loss for words. This is just really really bad. I mean, bad just doesn't describe how bad it actually is. Please remove it so others are not needlessly exposed to this dreck. -A Concerned Interneter

I'm takin' from your vague commentary you're either not a furry fan or not an exalted fan. If you could please elaborate upon which part of my works irritate you so I'd be more than happy to try and make it more palatable. -Rhubardin

Yeah, and maybe you didn't stop to think that some of us are perverted freaks who enjoy bunny girls! - Paladinltd

I think you should just ignore this "Concerned Interneter", he is just a bunny-hater, he just hatting on us. Anyway, When are you gonna post more Fur-tastic stuff for us Oh Lord of the the Bunnies? - Dango

To be honest I don't have anything else planned out right now. Which hasn't been a problem as most of the fox tribe stuff was written in the last week wiht no planning beforehand. Maybe a dissertation on the Llama hermits and thier guinea pig protectors. :) - Rhubardin

I think that much of the problem here is that this race is an obvious sexual fantasy. While I have no problem with that myself, many people will, such as above "Concerned Interneter [sic]". I think it would be useful for you and for the rest of us if you tried to indicate this in some way at the top, so that people who will be disgusted and / or annoyed by it won't read it.
~ Shataina

I suppose you might be right. Though I personally don't see the act of curling up with someone you care about and sharing in their prescence as anymore sexual than say a child using a stuffed animal to keep away his fear of the night. But some people assume anthros=sex=perversion I guess. :( But then again we're playing a game where nude artowrk is in almsot every book, there's numerous descriptions of hwo sexually depraved certain NPCs are and there's always that naked chick surrounded by zombies in the abyssals book. -Rhubardin

I have to say that that is probably the funniest waring label I've ever seen, right after that one on the Vivaldi CD that I got. (good times, good times)
Come on. Let's take a couple lines from this description: "Bunny girls are designed to be cute and appeal to people of all ages, genders, and 'tastes'. Their bodies are unusually soft and warm and many are known to make squeaking noises when poked or hugged". "One more interesting feature of note is the near lack of any males of the species." You frequently describe these females as "soft" and "doe-eyed", and as you stated, they're "designed to be cute and appeal". A race composed almost entirely of attractive females that make squeaking noises when hugged, are "designed to appeal", and are incredibly "soft"? Not to mention their lack of sexual knowledge, which is definitely "designed to appeal" sexually to certain people. Since you wrote it, I'll take your word for it that it wasn't intended as a straight male / possibly lesbian sexual fantasy, but it sure reads like one. And when you write stuff like that, you have to be ready for people to react in a certain way. If you don't want it to be taken as a sexual fantasy, then you need to think about it and rewrite it some more. Otherwise, you'll probably continue to encounter hostility and annoyance from people like your first commenter, and I'd rather not see that happen.
~ Shataina

I must thank you for your opinion Shataina it's always nice to hear a differing viewpoint delivered rationally from time to time but. First it was written from the perspective of a Cynis and I have no control over what those weirdos think. :) While I will admit to writing it I did do it from his perspective for a reason but you've already accepted that I never intended it to be a sexual fantasy on my part. If I was to Personally write a sexual fantasy for exalted it would involve a much more....strong female gender and an equal male to female relationship. Though they would probably be anthropomorphics of some kind still.

Originally this was a joke a I came up with arond the time the PG was announced and I started my first exalted chronicle. Since then it has become a little more than that so I'm loathe to tamper with my 'artistic vision' to much when my only naysayers don't respond much if at all. Plus some people like it and who am I to dissapoint my fans? But I do see your point in that I must be prepared to face hostilities. I see ,however, that the original poster has yet to reply so one can only assume he was never serious in the first place. thank you for your time, opinions, and conscern. oh and I aplogise for repeatedly mispelling your name which I have since corrected. -Rhubardin