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The Open Palms of Disruption Style:

While the animal styles are old beyond memory, martial scholars argue that the Open Palms of Disruption Style is the first Style ever to be invented by the Exalted. It was widely taught among Sidereals of the Primordial War who could not readily create similar techinques natively, unlike their Exalted peers. Several Solars realized that exceptional DragonBlooded could be taught the Celestial Martial Arts and trained strike forces of Terrestrials in the use of this style. After the War, Sifus realized that its effectiveness against the Primordials and their servants also made it an effective tool against the Chosen, and so its practice was discouraged. The Open Palms of Disruption is nearly forgotten in the Second Age of Man, though many of its precepts were applied to the creation of the Glorious Dragon Paths.

The Open Palms of Disruption Style treats the cestus, the fighting gauntlet, the iron boot, the smashfist and the god-kicking boot as form weapons. It may be practiced in any armor.

World-Harmonzing Attunement
3m MA 3/E2
[MA] actions/Reflexive (Step 2)

The martial artist performs a fluid, centering kata, thereby allowing her relaxed movements to free her mind. For her [Martial Arts] in Actions, the character may not be surprised and suffers no penalty if fighting blind.

Discovery of the Third Eye
1m per target, MA 4/E2

In the briefest of moments following a blow, a well-trained martial artist may percieve the subtlest of clues from his sense of touch--how well the target breathes, where his major arteries are, or where his Essence is vulnerable. An Open Palms practicioner takes this to a new level. After a successful unarmed attack which does not need to do damage, the martial artist may commit 1 mote and gain effective Essence sight against that target-- as though they were benefiting from the full effects of All Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight. This applies only to targets successfully attacked.
The Essence sight lingers for the rest of the scene, or until the martial artist stops committing the motes.

Shield of the Resistant Soul
3m MA 4/Essence 3
[Martial Arts] Actions/Reflexive (step 2)
Discovery of the Third Eye, World-Harmonizing Attunement

The character performs a steady, focusing kata characterized by strong movements. Rather than extend herself outweards, teh character draws herself inwards, fortifying the bulwark of her mind and soul.
While Shield of the Resistant Soul is active, the character cannot be forced to lose motes by any means (as an example, by being stabbed with a Soulsteel weapon, or being targeted with Reclaim the Earth's Bounty).
This also adds the character's Perception to DMDV against non-social attacks that target it (such as an Abyssal's Withering Phantasmagoria, a spirit's Worldly Illusion or a Lunar's Butterfly Eyes Feint)

The Open Palms of Disruption Form
6m, MA 5/Essence 3
One Scene/Simple (Speed 4)
Shield of the Resistant Soul

Upon entering the Form, the character adopts the perfect striking stance. His center of gravity lowers, his footing becomes secure and his movements become swift and forceful.The Martial Artist gains [Perception + Martial Arts] points to distribute among reducing Speed (to a minimum of 3) and increasing Rate, Accuracy, Damage and Defense. No one stat may benefit from more than [+Essence] total. This bonus applies to Form Weapons only.
Additionally, the character regains [+Essence] to motes recovered from stunting.

Rays of Defiance
6m MA 5/E3
Until Next Action/Reflexive (Stpe 1 or 2)
Combo-oK, obvious
Open Palms of Disruption Form

The Martial Artist stomps the ground twice, a gesture that unifies her Essence with that of the world; then, raising her arms in a defensive position, shrouds herself with a protective barrier of Essence.
Until her next action, all magical beings within [Perception + MA] yards suffer [1/2 *THEIR* Essence rating] to their DVs against her attacks and [*their* Essence] internal penalty to attacks or other rolled effects that target the character. Exalts of the same Caste or Aspect and related gods (an Exalt's patron Incarna or an Elemental of the Aspect) halve these penalties.

Imposing the Eminent Will
4m MA 5/E3
Instant/Reflexive (Step 2)
Open Palms of Disruption Form

When the martial artist prepares to defend against an attack, he may--in the instants before impact--lock eyes with his target and activate this effect. Martial Artist and target make reflexive, opposed Willpower rolls. The Open Palms practicioner gains his Essence in automatic successes. If the MAist loses, the target adds the Martial Artist's Perception to the base cost of all Instant or Action-long Essence-based effects on the attack, which the target must pay or lose the benefits of such effects. If the MAist wins, the target's attack loses all Instant or Action-long Essence-based effects on the attack, and if it still hits, has damage reduced to minimum.

Essence Bane
5m, 1wp Martial Arts 5/Essence 4
Combo-Basic, Obvious
Rays of Defiance, Imposing the Eminent Will

The mighty must not grow complacent in their power, lest they be felled by their lessers. Clenching her hand into a fist or readying a kick, the Open Palms Stylist lashes out with a mighty ki-ai and strikes her target's body, panifully disrupting his natural Essence flows. After a successful unarmed attack, the attack gains a damage bonus equal to (the *target's* Essence) and deals aggravated damage to magical beings. As per the stipulation described in Rays of Defiance, beings of the same type do not take aggravated damage.

Ordering the Flow
2m per reduction MA5/Essence 3
One Scene/Simple (Speed 3)
Rays of Defiance, Imposing the Eminent Will

The Martial Artist relaxes his body, flowing into an easy stance that permits breath to come more easily and increases the blood flow to striking limbs. For every 2m spent on Ordering the Flow, reduce the cost of all Open Palms of Disruption Charms by 1m to a minimum of 1m. The character may spend no more motes than she has Martial Arts.

Open Palm Understanding
---, Martial Arts 5/Essence 4
Ordering the Flow

The character adds to her Form's kata, extending her inner focus even further--for anything struck with a boot or a gauntlet is no less struck. While the Form is active, the character may treat the Form weapons as natural weapons thereby permitting them to be used with other Touch Keyword Charms.

Disruption Strike
6m, 1wp MA 5/Essence 4
Combo-Ok, Obvious
Open Palm Understanding, Essence Bane

The character rears back and attacks her target with full force and the intent to brutally damage body and soul. Upon impact, breath is driven from lungs, blood sprays and bones crack--but most importantly, this damages the integrity of the target's Essence structure.The Martial Artist's unarmed attack burns with a bright corona, adding her Essence in automatic successes to the attack roll. If successful, the target loses [twice *their* Permanent Essence] motes. If this does any damage at all, the Martial Artist may choose to shut down any *one* ongoing Essence-based effect that the target is benefitting from. The Open Palms practicioner may only do this once per attack.
If an attack supplemented by Disruption Stike should also *kill* the target, the martial artist may absorb the ambient motes from the escaping Essence--thereby regaining a number of motes equal to [motes remaining in the target's pool +health levels dealt by the attack]. She also gains one of the target's memories (of the storyteller's chosing) -- a side effect unanticipated by the style's creators.

Raging Essence Gale
10m, 1wp MA 5/E4
One Scene, Simple
Obvious, Counterattack
Disruption Strike

Taking what she has learned to apply externally, the martial artist applies it internally. She strikes her own torso with swift blows that disrupt the limits of her mortality and unlock her true potential. Furious winds kick up and whip around the character. Her anima blazes to full totemic effect (regardless of which type of Essence is spent), thus instantly activating her anima effect. The Gale rushes around the character in a circle ([Essence + MA]x10) yards in diameter. All within that area of effect suffer a mundane -3 internal environmental penalty due to high winds.
Any of her enemies within the area add her [Essence] to the costs of all Essence-based effects. She gains the effects of Ray of Defiance for the rest of the scene, and may reflexively launch a counterattack using her normal unarmed attack and damage pools against any target that strikes her so long as they are within the area of effect.

Unasked for Comments

I know there wasn't a premade comment section, so I'm not sure you're accepting them. Still, I thought I'd say "nice job". I like the flavor and mechanics of this style. Very evocative of traditional kung-fu, as you mentioned. Plus, the tie in with the opponent's Essence, and the felling of the Solars, is an interesting schtick as well. -- GreenLantern

I'm always up for comments! Thank you very much :D -- DualMegami