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Inescapable Hero Grip
---, Martial Arts 4, Essence 3
Dragon-Coil Technique.

Upgrades Dragon-Coil to autosux.

Earning One’s Wings
---, Martial Arts 5, Essence 4
Shockwave Techinque

Doubles the distance of Knockback for all MA effects. Doubles the difficulty of Knockdown for all attacks

Brazen Fist Deflection
4m or 6m 5/4
InstantDualMegami/Reflexive (Step 2 and 9)
Combo-Ok, Counterattack
Hammer on Iron Techinque

The Solar Swings her fist towards an incoming attack and smashes against it--her might causing the attack to be knocked aside. She adds her Essence in automatic successes to her Martial Arts Parry DV and may explicitly apply her PDV in full to an attack that cannot normally be parried. Completely mundane weapons (weapons that have not been Enchanted, or touched with Ritual of Element Empowerment) shatter as though they'd taken 25 hls of damage.
On Step 9, she may pay 2m to launch a counterattack with a penalty equal to the character's current DV penalty.

Face-Breaking Atemi
6m, 5/5
InstantDualMegami/Simple (Speed 4)
Knockout Blow
The Solar gracefully steps within her target's guard and demonstrates her superiority as a martial artist by thusly smashing his face in.
An attack bolstered by Face-Breaking Atemi is both unblockable and undodgeable and, if it hits, is considering piercing and 10's explode on the damage roll.