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Well, I just discovered Exalted Wiki recently. I love the site, and find all the tons of cool stuff on here very interesting and useful (indeed, some of it, quite vital). As of yet, I have nothing really to offer. So, I'll just post a link to a great collection of qoutes from my favorite writer:

Thus spake Zaraborgstrom

And now, I'm starting to make a few Charms. Don't expect this list to grow too fast. Also, I gotta throw some mad props to Brandon, who doesn't yet post here, but is a Player in my troupe and gives me a lot of the ideas for these charms.

I decided to make a narrative transcript of my storyline in Rathess; both to save for posterity's sake, and to compare notes with other storytellers who hosted campaigns in Rathess. Oh yeah, and also because I just love to write for no reason ^_^. I posted this all on the WW forums, and so I'll just copy the whole relevant thread.