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Trueform has played WW games since 1993. Is a major fan of Aberrant and Adventure. My main inspiration to this page is from Adventure!, D&D, Fabula, Ars Magica and of course Exalted.

This is my page with my houserules and general ideas for improvements on the Exalted/fantasy game.


I don't like willpower points beeing used as autosuccesses. Instead players can channel extra dice equal to situation relevant virtue.
I use these Appearance rules.
I have changed the Abilities beeing used. They are summarized at myTrueform/ChangedAbilities page. In retroperspective this was not an excellent idea.
I monitor the usage of Resources carefully. Any failed roll result in Resources unavailable. It can still be used but will cause Resources to be permanently reduced by one. Botch also reduces resources with one. Items with same resourcecost as Characters Resources can only be bought once a month.
Minimum damage(ping) is Characters Essence.
Character Essence is added to dodge pool.
Hardness is used to reduce the number of ping dice.
Hand to hand weapons have the stats from normal combat but with the added rate field from Power Combat.
All charms are modified according to the changes in Players.
A magic armors artifact rating is its Hardness.
Ranged weapons have speed +0.
Non combat movement have speed -10.
I do not allow players to use XP on backgrounds. Background are raised or lowered during play depending on the players actions.
I use the rules found atTrueform/Movementrules
The important part is combat move is Running(Dex + 12)/2 yards.
Two weapons add +2 accuracy and +2 block and +1 rate. But without Ambidexourus charm or DB Fire immac ability this is negated.
Siderals do not have any kind of special martial arts. And their style do not exsist.
Flame Flicker stance effect is considered a dodge.
Spirits in GoD book is considered minimum templates. Spirits have acccess to Solar charms but at +4 essence requirement.


I find the page at DariusSolluman/ExpandedDifficulty as beeing very informative regarding true difficulty. I like the rules found at TravelTimes.

I like the rules found at MortalSorcery but are currently using the normal Mortal sorcery rules from Players handbook.

Dragon Blooded live about 250-300 years. Solars about 2-3K, Lunars about the same as Solars, Sidereals between 3-5K Abyssals are immortal.


Gjett hvem som har fått seg en Wiki-side :)
-- RedMegaman