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Hello to you who is interested...

Basic information

Name: Roberto Corsini
Country: Finland
Timezone: EET (+2 to GMTTld/UTC) - thats Eastern European Time and Greenwich Mean Time or Coordinated Universal Time
Public email: (meaning this address gets around 100 junkmail per day.. ;))
I've been reading Exalted since it was released and own nearly all the books. I've even been known to actually play the game on occasion (*gasp*). So far, I've mostly accepted what White Wolf has written and thus, there are very few changes to the gameworld in my minds eye but I am very open for changes, additions and out-right removal of the gameworld content.

I'm unsure if you'll see much of a user-page beyond this simple introduction.

Other contact information..

You can find me in IRCNet by the nick of tld.
Also you can find me in MagicStar by the same nickname.
As of late, I have been keeping my Gaim online, which means that I can be contacted through ICQ and MSN.
ICQ: 4439557

Questions, comments, suggestions.. I don't know?