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This is a place for me to put all the various fantastic and wonderous things that I've thought up to infest my version of Creation. I'll be basing this on Direction (starting with the South, and the Southeast), and it will include many wildly varied things. Everything from interesting Little Gods, to Natural Wonders and Fantastic Locations, to lost Artifacts and even works of Sorcery and uncharted Kingdoms.

Note: This material is written with a "Year 0" assumption, similiar to the material offered in the Exalted corebooks. I.e., it assumes that this is a description of things as of about 5 years after the Empresses reign. If I deign to include stuff from my own campaigns, it'll be clearly marked as such. This is, actually, mostly for my own benefit -- I prefer to do it that way:)

Local Treasures

Relocated Treasures and Links of Interest


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