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The Neverborn, also called the Malfeans, are what remain when Primordials die. Unlike their infernal counterparts, the Yozi, the Neverborn epitomize necrotic energy and death.

In First Edition, the Neverborn were usually called Malfeans. In Second Edition, they are always called Neverborn, probably because "Malfean" was considered to be easily confused with Malfeas, who is in fact a Yozi.


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Hey, should we start writing descriptions for these guys? - willows

Yes. look, I Started my Malfean with a description, added in associations after I read these. Can I look smug? ;) I was sure there were more 'official' Malfeans that HWHIT.. Hmm. Must search harder. Or make more. Which raises the question.. there are supposed to be 23+ Yozi's remaining. How many do Y'all think died? Molikai

Exactly the smallest amount for there to be 13 Deathlords who serve 3 Malfeans, and have no Deathlord serve the same 3. Edit: This value is 6. - willows

Feel free to add to the list of Stygians or their phantasms on the GregorDyne/DeadPrimordialsSociety stuff. - GregorDyne

I seem to remember reading somewhere that 6 primordials died, taking their associate Abilities with them to the Underworld. Though I can't remember if I've ever read about anyone other than He Who Holds in Thrall. BTW, isn't there supposed to be 25 Yozi still left? Considering 25 abilities still exist... SmileyTPB

It might not be a bad idea to merge this into the Neverborn page, as it has an vastly more recognizable title. (Also, the theory you are thinking of, and several other theories, are linked to on the Primordials page.) - Wordman