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Amusing IRC Quotes

(well I found them amusing...)

<Telgar> nuts are good.
<Telgar> i need Solar Brawl..
<Telgar> this nut wont crack
<Telgar> nuts are good to eat.

(what can you say, he obviously likes nuts...)

<Telgar> come up with a name for my Crashing Wave Style's second charm
<Garden> Bob.
<Telgar> no
<Garden> Bob is a good name for anything.
<Telgar> no
* Garden sulks.

<haren`sleep> Nah, I made Underworld Passage one way... always easier going "down" than up.

* Telgar would make a good weapon. (said by Telgar)

* Garden has tried to kill CorlanDashiva many times :)

<haren'sleep> come on... what we need... Demonic Lawyers!

* haren screams and runs away... "I'm surrounded by the British!" ;)

* Telgar emasculates CorlanDashiva with a spork.

<Telgar> "I am a Chosen of Uranus!"

<natalie^drest> Caltrops are for ninjas, not gamers!

<haren> gravity can be a bitch... always bringing the man down!

<LeumasWhite> Yay, killed the discussion.
* Garden applauds
<Garden> impressive talent ;)
* LeumasWhite nods in thanks. Yes, I have skills.
<LeumasWhite> Comes with years of practice. ^_^
* Garden hopes she can be that good one day...
* LeumasWhite patpats.
<LeumasWhite> One day, you too will be able to stop talks with just a single sentence.
<Garden> That was actually two sentances you used there... were you just being gentle with us?
<LeumasWhite> Yes. The full force of my conversation-killing ability would make you die of terror.
* Garden eeks

* char sniffs the brit.
* Garden sniffs herself.
<Garden> you can tell from the smell?
<char> yep.
<char> brits have this... british smell.
<Kraken> we do?
<char> you do.
<Kraken> oh.
<char> a little bit salty with some fog thrown in.
<Garden> it's probably all the tea, they're not used to it in America.
<char> and tea, yes.
<char> and crumpets.
<Kraken> but I dont drink tea...or eat crumpets.
<char> that's ok, it rubs off from the other people around you.
<Kraken> ah I see.
<Garden> I drink tea occasionally, but hate crumpets... it's probably my flatmates you can smell...
* Garden nods sagely.
* Kraken understands now.
<char> that could be it, yep.
<char> tis all those tea-shops you pass by, and the people that go in there, well they mingle, you know?
<Garden> I like the tea shops, but only because they sell chocolate covered espresso beans..
<char> you brits have a bit of cadbury smell too.
<Garden> ah, that'd be what it is with me then... chocolate.
<Kraken> ah, now *that* I can understand ;)


Nuts to you Corlan! - Telgar

So where do you find Exalted IRC discussion? - Xyphoid

#WoD, of course. On Magicstar. - Telgar