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Before you read on  : Some of the stuff below (when I have stuff here) will be very weird, even screwed up by some people's standards. So, I'm just warning anyone who decides to take a look at the stuff I have up that I tend to run games where canon stuff is different. Sometimes just a little bit, sometimes a whole lot. ^_^


04-25-2006  : Major-ish Update

  • Returned my page to the pages with stuff list. Starting to work on things again.
  • Removed Golden Shadows since that game stopped months ago.
  • Removed Comments

06-01-2005  : Minor update.

  • Changed status of Golden Shadows.

08-31-2004  : Started my Wiki.

  • Updated a little bit. Nothing too much.


House Rules


Primordials, Malfeans and Yozi's

  • Itsudenki : The Record beyond the World. (Primordial)

Lynchings (comments)