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What happens when you combine Body-Mending Meditation with Self-Healing Body? - Hapushet, who will get an answer to this eventually, dangit!

Well, uh, ask does this benefit a character? Healing up in a few hours rather than a few days is great, but healing up in a few minutes rather than afew hours isn't that impressive. - willows
Uhhh... What? Yes it is, it IS great. For a start, it lets you fight, be almost defeated, and then come back fully healed just after the villain has stupidly taken his eyes off you (buried under rubble of half-collapsed temple-palace-manse) for his entire 10 minute victory speech. It also has great utility for healing while going places really, really fast, say if you're chasing someone with stormwind rider. A few hours gives them time to get to ground, but you can likely catch them if you heal within 10 minutes and then zoom after them. Like just about any other 'even better' effect, there are tons of uses for this. Okay, so it has no in-fight utility, but it's certainly not pointless.
-- Darloth, providing examples
Just carry a sesselje in you. Heck, carry three if you want: call them Larry, Curly and Moe, and teach them stooge-tastic antics to amuse you when they are not busy healing. Anyway, three sesselje give you health regen that is rated in HLs per turn. They can heal 2.92 health levels per turn on average, and are good for more than 60 combined health levels of healing. ~Capric
One to three sesseljae is like standard Sol Invictus (the playtest game) combat kit. So we don't really care about injury recovery at all. - willows
Off the top of my head, I don't see any reason not to allow them to stack in the superior, 100x fashion. - Charlequin
Thanks for the response. I can't really either, except possibly in terms of changing the "cost" of HL Charm activations, but I wanted to make sure I had it clear what you had been playtesting. - Hapushet
HL Charm costs aren't affected by non-instant healing because a turn is only three seconds. Even if you heal within minutes, inside combat that takes much, much too long. - Telgar
Well, let me explain why I've been so focused on this. My group's Twilight has an Essence of 4 but no Ox-Body. (We're less than a dozen sessions in and she's been pretty monomaniacal about getting to Solar Circle Sorcery.) If she picks up Grievous Injury Recovery Method (she already has Body-Mending Meditation), it will actually take her longer to restore her mote pool after a fight than it will to heal up from Incap. If I start increasing the frequency of encounters, at that point I would have to take into account mote pool more than HLs, and it seems weird to me. It puts an odd stressor on the game mechanics, and I was wondering whether it was at all intentional - and yes, I am aware that this is not actually a common situation, for which sane people would prepare. On the other hand, the Twilight's not dead yet, so it can't have been that bad an idea. - Hapushet
I can't really see how that's an issue. Just encourage the Twilight to learn some essence regeneration Charms. For their build motes are probably more important then HL anyway. - Telgar
The answer to this is simple, really: After a certain point, HL loss occurs at exactly two times. The first is when you choose to burn them to power abilties. The second is when you have already lost a fight. After about mid-Esssence 5, being hit once seriously cramps your style, because you are almost cerainly being hit by something that does a lot of damage and various unrelated but stressful combat effects. - willows
Sure - but we're talking about an Essence 1 Charm and an Essence 3 Charm. SI as a whole notwithstanding, this issue can come up sooner than mid-Essence 5 (in fact, I only have 2 Essence 4 characters, and one who only just hit Essence 3). So while the high-Essence theory is valid, it doesn't directly address my question. - Hapushet, who still thinks that the x100 option won't really cause problems, and was more looking for additional detail than anything else
While I don't think the 100x rate is really unreasonable, (as willows notes, in SI we tend to rely on Sesselje) if you want to, you can apply the rules for multiple multipliers (which are somewhere in the corebook - it being not with me right now, so no page reference) and those state that you add multipliers together, so using the two charms in combination means that you heal 19x your usual rate, not 100x. - Kraken
Call it 20 if you're doing that, much much easier to calculate :)
-- Darloth

I think it's hilarious that this page has been consumed purely by discussion of the healing-stacking issue. -- Charlequin

Give it some time. I haven't really gone through it fully enough to formulate other comments other than I really, really like what you've done. But don't worry, more specific questions/comments are coming. ~Capric
Heh. My fault. (Well, sorta anyway.) We could just archive it, though, or toss it outright... (shrug) I'd've loaded you down with superlatives, but I already did that on and I need to keep an eye on my stock for when Ex2 arrives. - Hapushet