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Calibration is a period of five days in the CreationCalendar immediately following the month of Decending Fire and marking the end of the year.

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References, Second Edition

Core Book

  • ScarletEmpress disappears (pg. 25, 34)
  • Defined (pg. 26)
  • Association with Eclipse caste (pg. 100)
  • Can cast Demon of the Second Circle during (pg. 255)
  • Can only cast Demon of the Third Circle during, and associated feast in the Old Realm (pg. 256)
  • Any creature can enter heaven through the Calibration Gate on the peak day of calibration (pg. 293)
  • Passageways open to/from Malfeas (pg. 308)
  • Essence respiration during (pg. 313)
  • Summoning ghosts easier during (pg. 315)

Scavenger Lands

  • ScarletEmpress disappears (pg. 14)
  • Rumors that Avarice River runs red with blood during (pg. 15)
  • Business licenses must be renewed in Nexus after (pg. 30)
  • Guild pays annual tribute to the Emissary on first day (pg. 30)
  • First Age tomb manifests in Denandsor during (pg. 130)

Storyteller's Companion

  • Water and Fire Legion charm expires (pg. 77)

Wonders of the Lost Age

  • No construction on royal warstriders during (pg. 144)

References, First Edition


  • Effect on the Underworld (pg. 25)
  • Essence respiration during (pg. 25)
  • Costs for moving into/out of underworld halved during (pg. 25)
  • Haunts tend to appear (pg. 26)
  • Grave goods can cross over more easily (pg. 31)
  • Ritual to mark new year, restrictions on work, war and bloodshed (pg. 34)
  • Lottery for transfer of Dual Monarchy during (pg. 54)
  • Association with Moonshadow caste (pg. 146)
  • Ghosts may be able to slip by wards (pg. 150)

Aspect Book: Fire

  • Imperial academies have vacation during (pg. 27)
  • Phantom Deliberative sits in the Imperial Treasury during night of (pg. 44)
  • Acted as a deadline for negotiations between Shogunate and spirits (pg. 70)

Aspect Book: Wood

  • House Cynis family hosts parties during. Implication of mistreating slaves during. (pg. 17)


  • Non-stop shows during (pg. 47)
  • Used as a deadline during the Locust War (pg. 219, 222)
  • Kukla returns to Blessed Isle in the Locust War (pg. 224)

Bastions of the North

  • Ondar Shambal used to call Calibration Gate to Whitewall often (pg. 13)
  • "Calibration babies" (pg. 26)
  • Syndics stop giving blessings (pg. 37)

Blood and Salt

  • Dukantha returns to creation during (pg. 91)

Book of Bone and Ebony

  • Expands environments in which Pyre Smoke Form works (pg. 37)
  • Blood apples bloom in the Underworld (pg. 58)
  • Expands range of Whispering Fan (pg. 69)
  • Expiry of items summoned by a Bell of the Endless Caravan (pg. 70)
  • Mirror That Looks Upon Its Twin required to remain in Underworld during (pg. 74)
  • Whispers of the Malfeans become stronger during (pg. 131)

Core Book

  • Association with Eclipse caste (pg. 24, 127)
  • Defined (pg. 49)
  • Empress disappears (pg. 49)
  • Can cast Demon of the Second Circle during (pg. 220)
  • Can only cast Demon of the Third Circle during, and associated feast in the Old Realm (pg. 222)

Cult of the Illuminated

  • Gold faction stages Vision of Light in RY 764 to help take over Cult of the Illuminated (pg. 12)
  • Cultist permitted all foods, alcohol and drugs during (pg. 36, 60)
  • Cult planning during (pg. 37-38, 69)
  • Lupo takes one solar to Forbidding Manse of Ivy in Yu-Shan during (pg. 38, 44)
  • Ayesha Ura releases her garda bird (pg. 51)

Dragon Blooded

  • Cult in Blind Love sacrifices a child (pg. 44)
  • Calibration Venturing among Dynasts (pg. 111)
  • Superstition about children born during (pg. 116)
  • No classes for primary school (pg. 131)

Fair Folk

  • Example of Oath (pg. 208)
  • Mountain Folk replace 100 soliders on loan to the Realm (pg. 226)
  • Boundaries of Reforging Travail of the Veteran charm (pg. 259)
  • Expiry of Elemental Invocation Rite charm (pg. 266)

Games of Divinity

  • Carnival of Meeting begins on third day of (pg. 19)
  • Thirteen paths open into Cecelyne during (pg. 90)

Houses of the Bull God

  • Ritual sacrifices to Ahlat made by the Brakhani (pg. 10)
  • Decrees of the King or Queen of Harborhead published on last day (pg. 27)
  • Imperial Garrison in Harborhead hosts a masked ball (pg. 69)

Kingdom of Halta

  • Bloody Sky delays a forest fire until after (pg. 47)


  • Association with the casteless (pg. 108)

Manacle & Coin

  • Caravans do not travel (pg. 27)
  • Traditional time to free slaves (pg. 89)
  • Insurance uses as marker (pg. 116)
  • Guild bank offers special savings clubs (pg. 120)

Player's Guide

  • Example of superstition flaw (pg. 34)
  • Gateways to Malfeas (pg. 69)
  • Expiration of Conditional Blessing/Curse charm (pg. 82)
  • Summoning ghosts easier during (pg. 129)
  • Mentioned in sutra (pg. 235)


  • Ossissa and Eos sing for the Northern King (pg. 87)

Ruins of Rathess

  • Gate to Yu-Shan may be opened during (pg. 40)


  • Calibration Gate (pp. 22-23)
  • Court of Seasons organizes Carnival of Meeting (pg. 45)
  • Water and Fire Legion charm expires (pg. 162)
  • Skull masked dancers (pg. 232)


Ever tried finding info about the Calibration?

It's surprisingly hard, it's scattered over all sorts of books.

So, I'm making this page, a repository for anything and everything to do with calibration - page references, fan-made celebrations and events, quickref for effects and changes to the structure of reality, that sort of thing. Anyone is welcome to contribute, and I'll try and add what I can.

-- Darloth

I always thought it was a time for mortals to shut their doors in the hope that the spirits set free by the thinning of the veil won't bother them. Also I consider it a vaction of sorts from summoning spells that last for a long period of time. Demons and elementals are not allowed to shirk they duties given to them by their summoners but they can persue their own agendas at the same time with a little more liberation.

~ Insanewizard

Well, there's nearly no information in the Core book(1st ed), except that it's the only time to summon 3rd circle demons. It's mentioned, but as far as I can see never specified.
-- Darloth goes on checking other sources

PDF searching to the rescue. -- Wordman, who should be working

Whoa! Thanks Wordman, I was eventually planning to do something like that myself, but not in so much detail and I certainly hadn't got nearly that far. Good job!
-- Darloth

Wordman, you are a legend amongst wordmen...DeathBySurfeit

added Abyssals references. Nicely, all on one page. I'm eventually planning to compile all of the various effects and things so people coming here can see exactly what Calibration means for them and what it does in general, as well as get all the pagerefs for specific happenings.
-- Darloth only checked the notoriously bad index though. There may well be other small references in Abyssals.

Added some more. -- Wordman

Well, the index was worse than even I thought it was.
-- Darloth

I'm not sure which book it is in, but isn't it mentioned somewhere the some Dynasts dress up and are basically assholes to the peasants and pretends to be demons and foul beings or just play tricks and destroy stuff? Sort of like Halloween only with more dickery. - SpicyMcHaggis

This was mentioned in the "Calibration Venturing" sidebar in Exalted: the Dragon Blooded on pg. 111. I've included it in the list. -- JasonWhittle