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  • Correlation: The top-level page where I'm storing all of the subsidiary pages I've been kicking out for this project.


This is very useful. May I suggest moving it from your personal page to either a sub-page of yours (such as JasonWhittle/DbCharmCorrespondence) or donate the page to the community by putting it on a page like DbCharmCorrespondence. - Wordman

Thank you. I have implemented your suggestion and moved the page to DragonBloodedCharms/Correlation.

One other comment: it looks as if the username you have listed under preferences is Jasonwhittle, not JasonWhittle, so the links on the RecentChanges page don't go to your user page. - Wordman

Again, thank you. I hadn't realized the difference. I suppose case-sensitivity is the only thing that makes sense in a WikiWiki context.