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As a note, I'm subscribing to the 'Things cost in Coolness, not volume' measure. But big things tend to be cooler. :)

Otherwise, this functions just like the standard Resources system from the Core Rule book. You can make functionally unlimited purchases of anything below your level in Salary, or one purchase of something at your level in Salary, which functionally reduces your Salary by 1 in the near future. And, as noted in the Sidereal book, you can use mortal currency in Heaven as well- treat your Resources as a Salary two dots lower.

Further, any object which requires Ambrosia is automatically a Salary 3 purchase or better. As Salary 3 is where Ambrosia starts to be distributed. This also makes for a cut off point of sorts- no mortal good will ever be worth more than Salary 2, excepting truly huge, impressive things.


Mortal Weapons

Any normal weapon or armor can be purchased in Heaven for Salary 1. Weapons and armor that are Heaven purchase with Salary 1 are Fine, but not neccesarily exceptional. Alternatively, the raw materials needed for a smith to construct an Exceptional weapon may also be purchased for Salary 1.

Any exceptional weapon or armor can be purchased in Heaven for Salary 2.

However, this cost is irrespective of the weapon's size- an arrow or a great chopping sword are both Salary 1 purchases.

Mortal Goods and Services

Anything you would hire a mortal servant for, you can aquire an equally competent God for Salary 1. A god hired for Salary 1 is equal to a superior mortal at their area of specialty, and typical have a dicepool of between 5 and 7 in it. Gods are also more specialized than mortals, however, and they tend to have dicepools of 1 to 3 in most things outside their specialty.

Anything you could hire a mortal servant for, you can aquire an equally competent God for Salary 2. A god hired for Salary 2 is equal to the very best mortal at their area of specialty. They have a dicepool of 9 to 12 in their area of speciality- but between 2 to 4 in things outside their speciality.

Such godly servants are not purchased as Slaves, but rather retained on a salary. If ill treated, they are free to seek employeement elsewhere.

A fine feast, such as could be enjoyed on feast days by mortal princes, may be made for one person twice daily (although it will easily feed four or more) with Salary 1. A greater feast could be created by crafting the food in raw, uncooked form and then cooking it oneself- but the quality is not as assuredly high as pure dreamstuff. For Salary 2, a huge banquet can be spread out, feasting a dozen men in as high a fashion as the princes of the Earth, with enough food and drink to feed over fifty on a more stingy style.

An animal can be stabled for Salary 1 a week. If it requires some insanely special treatment, such as a full grown river dragon, this may rise to 2.

Fine clothing, such as a custom tailored silk gown or suit studded with jewels and perals, fit for a King's court, can be had for Salary 1. Breathtaking beatiful material, the finest as has ever graced Creation, with accompanying accessories in glittering jewelery- dresses crafted from cloth of gold and silver, or made entirely of linked blue diamonds -can be had for Salary 2.

Immortal Goods and Services

More later- time to go to work. :)