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Been a big fan of Exalted since the beginning. I guess it comes from my roots in D&D and my desire to see something like it in the D10 system by White Wolf. I've also been a big fan of White Wolf. A list of White Wolf Games I have played include

  • Vampire: The Masquerade (tabletop and LARP)
  • Werewolf: The Apocalypse
  • Mage: The Ascension
  • Abberant
  • Changeling: The Dreaming (an interesting LARP this was)
  • Exalted (of course)

I just wish I had more time and opportunities to actually PLAY.

My Influences

  • Books
    • The Chronicles of Amber by: Roger Zelazny
      • The original ten novels can be found in one big compilation titles The Great Book of Amber. Published by Avon. ISBN: 0-380-80906-0. Contains the novels titled
        • Nine Princes in Amber
        • The Guns of Avalon
        • Sign of the Unicorn
        • The Hand of Oberon
        • The Courts of Chaos
        • Trumps of Doom
        • Blood of Amber
        • Sign of Chaos
        • Knight of Shadows
        • Prince of Chaos
      • John Gregory Betancourt has also recently completed his authorized Amber prequel trilogy. Published by iBooks, they are
        • The Dawn of Amber ISBN: 0-7434-5240-2
        • Chaos and Amber ISBN: 0-7434-7494-5
        • To Rule in Amber ISBN: 0-7434-8709-5
  • Anime
    • Bastard
    • The Slayers

As with many others, I've made the White Wolf Golden Rule my friend. As such, I have many an idea that may or may not give my fellow fans ways to improve their experience. As time permits, I will post these ideas to see how they stack up to those of others.

My Contributions to the ExaltedWiki

  • Integrating the concepts and setting from Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber novel series. This can now get more in depth as Amber as well as other modern examples of Chaos and Order have been given influencial credit in the suggested source material of Exalted: The Fair Folk. Here is where I will begin my AmberToExalted concepts.
  • Attempting to make gameplay a bit more fair in mixed character-type games. Granted, this shouldn't be too over-the-top to the point where a mortal thaumaturge can gain power as quickly and easily as an Exalt. I'm just looking for ways to make players of non-Exalted characters feel less useless amongst clearly superior beings. Here are some of my ideas for NonExaltHouseRules.
  • Designing new Artifacts. I'll admit that I'm still a bit of an amature when it comes to this. Heck, one of my Artifacts would probably rate up in the realm of Plot Device. I guess that can be attributed to my over-active imagination and ridiculous grand schemes.
  • Fleshing out the Dragon Kings. These have got to be my favorite non-Exalted character-types. I've created someAngelWick/DragonKingHouseRules for them that are strongly based off of canon. Once I get around to it, I'll get them up.
  • I don't know how popular the idea is around here, but I'm a fan of the Exalted/WoD crossover. In fact, I've created a scenario where an End-of-the-World chronicle in the old WoD can cross-over into an Exalted setting. The basis for this campaign starts off with a W:TA game and shifts into a Lunar Exalted setting when a pack of Garou and other shapechangers lead the survivors of the Apocalypse through a moongate, into the Umbra, and beyond the Horizon. Essentially, in my scenario, Creation and it's surrounding realms are neither an ancient past nor a distant future of the old WoD. Instead, the two are completely separate entities that exist at different ends of the Umbral plain. I've started to post information at WerewolfToLunar.
  • I've made up some AlternateHealingTimes. For some reason, healing Aggravated damage as Lethal just doesn't cut it for me. It seems to me that Agg should be slightly more excruciating than Lethal.
  • I'll also post my ideas for different ways players can gain Experience. Granted, the more Experience a character gains translates to more traits that can be raised. Therefore, some of my house rules include a cap other than training times so that character development doesn't progress more quickly than the Storyteller desires. I'll explain Specific Experience, or TrainingPoints here.

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