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Level 4 AbyssalHearthstones

Gem of Soul's Taste by Haren

Manse ••••
Trigger: Killing and draining a person's essence

This stone allows an Abyssal to not have to drink a single person's essence in the same scene they use Theft of Face, Theft of Mein, or Language Absorbing Method or similar Charms. They are able to keep a "library" of up to 8 essences that this stone has remembered that they can use as often as they want any time from when they drank the person's essence completely. This effectively flavors the essence of the Manse with the memories of these people. When the stone is in a setting and the Abyssal kills and drains a person's essence, they can choose to fill one of the 8 spots in the gem. Should the Hearthstone ever become unattuned to the Exalt, the library is lost. If the library is full, the Exalt can choose to replace one of the existing essence memories with another one.

The only known example of this Hearthstone is from the Catacombs of Forgotten Heroes. This Manse is a practical fortress and maze made from a Northern mountain. In reality, it was designed as a catacomb for the interment of great barbarian heroes of old, whose names have been forgotten over time. It was choosen because there are caverns where there are strange formations of stone which resemble forests and mirror-like planes of onyx throughout. One of the strange effects of the new additions of Soulsteel designs and gates is that the mirrors do not reflect a person's true appearance, but one of those whose essences are remembered by the Hearthstone. This Hearthstone was last known to be held by a Day Caste serving The Lover Clad in the Rainment of Tears. Rumor gives the Abyssal the title of Maid of Sweet and Silent Rest.

Mamara's Heart

Manse ••••

Mamara's name lives in infamy as the commander of the concentration camp where the creations of the Solars were put to the sword. Mamara himself had a particular hatred for such beings. Although he was warned about the thinning barrier between Creation and the Underworld near his manse, he continued the executions. The manse itself became warped by his hatred, taking a portion of it for its own. Now the ghosts of the Solar Creations attack the manse every night, hoping to erase it from existence. And every night, the manse defenses repel them.

Appearance: A perfectly smooth sphere composed of onyx and emerald

Power: This hearthstone allows the bearer to use the charm Spirit-Detecting Glance at will and Spirit-Cutting attack and Ghost-Eating attack at the standard cost. It also allows access to the defenses at Mamara's Stronghold.

Mamara's Stronghold is a level-5 Abyssal manse, currently with 1 level of power committed into its active defenses.

Stone of the Walking Dead by Quendalon

Manse ••••
Trigger: Touch and concentration (Simple)

This irregular, bone-white stone gleams with an unhealthy greenish radiance. The bearer need only touch the gem’s setting to a corpse and concentrate for a turn to have the corpse rise as a walking dead under her control. Such creatures are always extras. This power may be used a number of times per day equal to the bearer’s permanent Essence score.

Strikeback Stone by EndlessChase

Manse ••••
Trigger: Being Hit

This gem looks to be an irregular lump of volcanic rock. When attuned the stone glows the dull red of annealing steel, and when in combat the stone trails ash colored smoke that stains clothing and skin alike. When the bearer of the Strikeback Stone is hit, the stone seeks vengeance. The stone makes an attack against the assaulter of the bearer. This attack is considered to have the same number of successes that the attacker did, and it deals an amount of damage equal to the number of damage dice the bearer will be dealt, after soak is factored. The stone's attack ignores any mundane armor, and cannot be dodged or parried if the target does not have an action to spend or the ability to activate a reflexive charm.

Soulchill Stone by EndlessChase

Manse ••••
Trigger: Being Struck in Combat

The Soulchill stone appears to be an inch and a half sphere of flawless bone. When attuned, the stone grow cool to the touch, and a slight frost, similar to winter frost on a window, forms across its entire surface.

When the bearer of the stone is struck in combat, the stone emits a slight whirlwind of chill, misty air within radius equal to the bearer's essence in yards. Each person touched by this mist is immediately drained a number of motes of essence equal to the damage dealt to the bearer. If the target has separate pools for essence, peripheral is drained first, which counts towards the creature’s anima banner, if they have one. Exalts can be revealed as what they are if caught in the radius of the whirlwind.

Stone of Fear by Ikselam

Manse ••••
Trigger: None.

This cubical black stone bears markings resembling screaming faces on each of its sides. When attuned, it begins to emit a high, almost inaudible keening, which sets teeth on edge and fills anyone nearby with a sense of unease and fear. Its owner receives a three-die bonus to any rolls involving intimidation. In addition, anyone within twenty yards of her who is capable of feeling fear must make a Valor check each turn they are within the stone's area of effect, or suffer a cumulative one-die penalty to all dice pools (excluding Virtues). A botch on the Valor check inflicts a cumulative two-die penalty. If the total penalty ever reaches five dice or more, the victim is overcome by fear and must make another Valor check. If he succeeds, he may attempt to flee. If he fails, he must roll Stamina + Resistance or fall dead (if he is mortal) or unconscious for the remainder of the scene (if he is an Exalted or other magical being). On a botch, he automatically dies or is rendered unconscious.

This power does not distinguish friend from foe, but the stone's owner is unaffected. Its effects immediately cease if a victim leaves its area of effect, or scores three or more successes on any of his Valor rolls to resist its effects.

Stone of Spirit Shackles by Ikselam

Manse ••••
Trigger: Killing.

This ring-shaped hearthstone appears to be made of black wrought iron. When attuned, it becomes a prison for the souls of those slain by its bearer. Every time the character kills a sapient, living being, he may choose to draw her soul into the stone. The victim will remain trapped in the stone until it is destroyed, or until the character chooses to release her. Her entire soul is imprisoned; she will not rise as any kind of ghost, and if she is Exalted, her Exaltation will not pass on to another, until she is freed from the stone.

The victim can sense everything that goes on around the stone, and may communicate telepathically with her captor, but may do nothing else. She is not bound to serve the stone's owner, but he may at any time attempt to bend her will to his by engaging in an extended, opposed Willpower + Essence roll. This is a dice action, and suffers the normal penalties for split actions if he wishes to do anything else at the same time. If he accumulates two more successes than she does, he may gain access to one of her Abilities for the remainder of the scene, using it just as though it were his; alternately, he may experience her memory of a single event. If he garners ten net successes, he has completely broken her will and gains free access to all her memories and Abilities whenever he likes. If the victim gets two more successes than her captor, she can shut him completely out for the remainder of the scene. If she gets ten net successes, she can take over the character's body; their souls swap places, and he is now the one trapped inside the Stone of Spirit Shackles.

It is impossible to trap a spirit in the Stone of Spirit Shackles. Only one person at a time may be trapped in the Stone of Spirit Shackles. Once a soul is released, it immediately splits into its component parts and may become a ghost as normal. If the stone becomes deattuned, anyone trapped inside it will remain there.

Shadow Stone by Telgar

Manse ••••
Trigger: None (Constant effect)

A shifting dodecagon of blacks and grays, this Gem has no actual power of its own. Instead, when set into an Artifact, it allows other Hearthstones of the Underworld to function in Creation. All Underworld-stones in the same Artifact as the Shadow Stone operate normally in Creation, Shadowlands and the Underworld.

Weakstone by Telgar

Manse ••••
Trigger: Concentration

This glowing green stone pulses with an internal light much like a minature Ligir. Shaped like half a sphere, the Weakstone is broken along one edge but it still functions perfectly. When touched to any Artifact the Weakstone decreases the effects of that Artifact by 4 dots, dice or an equal level of power. This decrease in power should be heavily moderated by the Storyteller when dealing with estoic Artifacts. If an Artifact has multiple powers, or is a weapon or suit of armor, the Mightstone's negative dots can be removed from any category. The Weakstone does not require a Hearthstone setting to function. For 1 less dot of improvement, it may be used on any Artifact in visual range of the user.

Death-Sense Stone (Book of Three Circles, p. 118)

Manse ••••

The Ice-Blade Gem (Book of Three Circles, p. 118)

Manse ••••

The Ice Gem (Savant & Sorcerer, p. 68)

Manse ••••

Very similar to the Ice-Blade Gem.