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Chasing the Sun

This story is about Jasper, a young Solar searching for the place he sees in his dreams. He does not know where to look, or even if it still exists, but he knows that his life will not make sense until he finds it. Where will his obsessive quest lead him, and what will he discover about his past life?

  • Type: Normal. Ten-day turnaround time; no special rules. Third-person limited omniscient, past tense, with present-tense dream sequences.
  • Keywords: Solar, Lunar, mixed-party, Scavenger Lands, past lives, adventure, drama.
  • Themes: Obsession, friendship, discovery.

Chapter and Queue Listing

  1. Part 1, by Ikselam. ( Notes)
  2. Part 2, by EndlessChase
  3. Part 3, by FourWillowsWeeping. ( Notes)
  4. Part 4, by Dim. ( Notes)
  5. Part 5, by EJGRgunner ( Notes)
  6. Part 6, by Ikselam ( Notes)
  7. Part 7, by FourWillowsWeeping ( Notes)
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