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The insanity resides here. Actually, no, it resides over in Ketrus. I'm just an understudy.


Okay, Southlands Redux is pretty much in full swing now.
Basically consists of multiple threads of solo/duos in whichever area following Southlands events.
Addendum- All of my players are nuts. Aboslutely certified insane.

My Campaign(s)

Southlands (closed)
Campaign Information
Southlands Redux (running)
Southlands Redux

My Characters

1E Characters

Crimson Tiger, Dawn Mercenary Commander in the East
Rae Windrider, Night Tya Bow for hire in the West
Crystal Sand Dervish, Night Sweet Talking Traveler in the South

2E Characters

Erudite Obsidian Scythe, Twilight Sorcerer in the East
Wandering Platinum Storm, Wandering Eclipse ... in the East. The East is popular.
Inevitable Frost, Dawn Son of the Haslanti League. That's right, he's in the north.


My Template whee

Pending Ideas

Who knows?


Dude. As an envoy from UserFriendlyCategories, I am here to ask you to pretty please with sugar on top link your characters to Characters. Thanks and bye. Do not feel obligated to leave a response to this comment. - Han'ya