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Will contain bizarre, off-the-wall, badly broken houserules, charms, sorceries, etc. All based off of 1E because, well, I'm too broke to buy 2E or even many of the 1E books. I experiment alot, have players that constantly break my brain, and as such have been toying with odd rules for some time now. So, anyway, welcome to the broken. Enjoy your stay.

Broken Things

EwindaleMoss/TheHoleInCreation - The current campaign I'm running, leading into a set of new/differing mechanics. Much of what was here has been modified or still needs to be modified significantly from where it began. Many of it, including some of the larger combat changes have been changed radically in another direction because this was leading in the exact opposite way I wanted.


Welcome to the Wiki! Almost scary how fast you are filling in The Fields of Rot and Sorrow o.o ~GoldenCat, who likes the enthusiasm.

  • Thank you kindly for the greeting! I've mainly been filling in The Fields because they're not only coming to me well but the vast majority of the extra systems I'm designing haven't had NEARLY enough playtesting for me to feel comfortable posting yet. Again, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the goodies. EwindaleMoss, who is just happy to be here