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I am a game playing veteran of about 20 years. I started out playing Dungeons and Dragons, moved on to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and even kept up with T$R products until the Players Option days. I was excited for 3rd edition until I saw it and realized they had not fixed any of the problems associated with the system. I guess their alternative would have been to stay the same like Palladium products which are on a whole much more diverse in gaming materials but much more retarded in gaming system. I remember Lion Rampant in the days before White Wolf. I bought Vampire the Masquerade and was happy for all of a week. The way they create supplements has always been a flaw in my eyes with so much rehashed and not enough new material. None the less it was the best that was out there (I couldn't count the variety of other companies games I have played over the years but odds are mainstream or underground I have played it or at least read the main book to decide if it was worth my time). It always seems White Wolf can read my mind, shortly before Aeon came out (Trinity to those who bought it later) I was playing around with a space setting using the Storyteller System (which incidentally the name of which belonged to a different role play game but don't tell Mark Rein Hagen that). I really was happy with Aeon, Aberrant and Adventure as well as Exalted, as for the rest of the recent White Wolf products I find them utterly lacking any internal structure. Especially with the Time of Judgement releases which I refuse to buy. I also do not enjoy Mummy (althought I liked the earlier 2nd Edition), Demon (which has had for years far better web supplements), Hunter (another redo of previous products which were lacking aim), Revised Dark Ages. I keep thinking I will purchase Orpheus but with the principals involved its not really the best of thought out games and lacks good editing as a whole. Recently I have quit buying White Wolf products altogether with the company throwing their lots in with d20 more and more. I really have dreams about Sony countersueing them and the company goes belly up. Of course I don't need Sony to do it, eventually the d20 thing will wash up like it almost did before every game company out there converted their otherwise decent games into Gary Gygax's afterbirth.