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Angry Thunder Style

Practitioners of the Angry Thunder Style tend to congregate in the Northeast, but adepts can be found throughout Creation.


The Angry Thunder style relies almost as much on manipulating adversaries as it does striking them. Adepts of the style goad their opponents into attacking and prevent them from concentrating on their attacks, seeking to disrupt attacks and create openings by throwing off their adversaries concentration and rhythm.


Formal schools for teaching the Angry Thunder technique do exist in some parts of the Northeast, and there is even one on the Blessed Isle. However, this technique remains largely the province of individual masters, most of them in the tribes on the edge of Creation, who take on students and teach them the fundamental forms of the art.

Weapons and Armor

The Angry Thunder favors a mace or light warhammer (using the same stats an a Mace, as opposed to something like a Sledge).


Thunderous Warcry</b>

<b>Type: Technique
Min. Martial Arts: 1
Prereqs: None

Thunder rolls across the sky, signaling the anger of the Spirits of the Air. The adept mirrors this show of anger, letting out a warcry fit to startle the gods themselves. With a successful Charisma + Martial Arts roll, characters facing the adept in combat must succeed a Valor check or suffer a -1 penalty to all combat rolls for a number of turns equal to the number of successes the adept rolled on his Charisma + Martial Arts roll.

Lightning Strikes</b>

<b>Type: Bonus
Min. Martial Arts: 2
Prereqs: None

Mimicking the lightning that precedes thunder, the adept strikes suddenly and without warning. The adept gets a +4 bonus to initiative when using Angry Thunder style.

Anger-Provoking Taunt</b>

<b>Type: Technique
Min. Martial Arts: 2
Prereqs: Thunderous Warcry

The loud roll of thunder draws attention to itself: the cacophony of the storm can hardly be ignored. The adept seeks to draw attention to himself, as well, shouting and goading his opponent into attacking. With a successful Charisma + Martial Arts roll, the adept chooses a target who must succeed a Conviction check or attack the adept at the next possible opportunity.

Distracting Feint</b>

<b>Type: Technique
Min. Martial Arts: 3
Prereqs: Lightning Strikes

Thunder is loud and flashy, and the adept seeks to use noise and motion as a distraction. With a successful Charisma + Martial Arts roll immediately before an attack, the target of the attack suffers a -2 penalty on any defensive actions.

Diverting Thunder</b>

<b>Type: Bonus
Min. Martial Arts: 4
Prereqs: Anger-Provoking Taunt, Distracting Feint

The adept has now mastered the art of using distraction in aiding his attacks and creating openings to strike through. The adept's opponents suffer a penalty equal to half the adept's Charisma (round down) whenever defending against his attacks in combat.

Rolling Thunder</b>

<b>Cost: 1 Willpower
Duration: Instant
Type: Extra Action
Min. Martial Arts: 5
Prereqs: Diverting Thunder

Thunder cascades across the land, rolling over every obstacle in sight. So too must the adept: when beset by multiple opponents, he may follow a successful attack against one of them with an immediate attack against another within range. The adept may move in between these two attacks, up to his normal allowed movement in that turn.


How long do the effects of Thunderous Warcry persist for? - Moxiane

Oops! It's based on the roll. Corrected above. - Varazes