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Greetings and Salutations

As anyone reading this will probably be aware the official Exalted Wiki has gone bye bye, and so I and no doubt many others find themselves here.

On that other wiki I created a number of new items and charms, in particular working to expand upon the content that would one day become Exalted the Alchemicals.


It has been over a year since the fall of the other Exalted wiki and few if any people have joined this one: well, no matter, I am here and I am active and I have groups of players who I am sicking on the project of making this Wiki active again along with me, so perhaps we will get some other new people as our activity levels increase.

In the mean time I have declared the following page a community project: Exalted Census. It is an important page which like the rest of this wiki regrettably languishes with a lack of updates and completely ignored since shortly after 2nd edition came out. I have published guidelines for updating it to a higher standard a few days ago and am working at it diligently.

I may be the 'Last Active User', but that does not mean this wiki is dead, just that it needs me to help it along.

Stay Frosty Rangers. --Survival is Niffty! 15:00, 10 November 2014 (UTC)

My Content

Rules Variants

Autochthonian Terrestrials

Alchemical Half Caste

Let's Not Play Rocket Tag v1

Let's Not Play Rocket Tag v2

It's Connections or Nothing

"Piercing" Armor


Functional Warstriders

NPC Creation Guidelines

Top Page






I am currently running a chronicle of my own Under the title 'This Exalted Thing We Do' via Skype and Roll20.

With that chronicle being on the rocks due to player dissonance I have started a new one with the more dedicated players entitled Exalted Y2K

And some times you just want to hit things, and then things snowball. Tales of the New Road

And then people ask you to try to do something with Exalted in space: and you get kind of inspired. And Shine Heaven Now

City States

Iskandar The main setting of my chronicle.

Hokuva A pet project of mine.

Erlik The City of Ten Thousand Blasphemies

Magical Materials

My take on Adamant.


Black Lead


This is where my Artifact content will be placed.

Any Material

The Ghost:Artifacts/Double Bladed Daiklave


The Ghost:Artifacts/The Teeth of the Serpent

The Ghost:Artifacts/The Tiger's Unsheathed Claws


The Ghost:Artifacts/Serpent and Heron

Mixed Material

The Ghost:Artifacts/Seven Fold Harmonic Adapter


This is where my Charm content will be placed.


Full Life Technique

Dragon Blooded

Autochthonian Dragon Blooded



Lunar Bond

Solar Bond

Martial Arts

Here are listed the top pages for all of my custom MA styles, current or future. If I come up with any new ones they will be added in as soon as work starts on them.

(Styles marked with an * are based on 'Official' content, namely styles created to fill in the actual charms of a style named or suggested in an Official source but not given an actual charm tree or charm descriptions.)


The Ghost/Cascade Disruption Style*

The Ghost/Racing Lightning Style*

The Ghost/Thrashing Steam Dragon Style*

The Ghost/Stalwart Iron Hero Style*

The Ghost:TMAs/Endlessly Turning Wheal Style*

The Ghost/Thousand Faceted Warrior Style*

The Ghost/Choking Smoke Saboteur Style

The Ghost:TMAs/Uranium Dragon Style

The Ghost:TMAs/Steel Dragon Style

The Ghost:TMAs/Brass Dragon Style

The Ghost/Burning Vitriol Assault Style*

The Ghost:TMAs/Hidden Master Style

The Ghost:TMAs/Path of the Stave Church Style


The Ghost/Ebon Dragon Style*

The Ghost/Plague Rat Style*

The Ghost/Hydraulic Tremor Style*

The Ghost/Enlightened Armatures Style*

The Ghost/Steel Fang Style*

The Ghost/Swallowed Darkness Style*

The Ghost/Steam Dragon Style

The Ghost/Lightning Dragon Style

The Ghost/Oil Dragon Style

The Ghost/Crystal Dragon Style

The Ghost/Metal Dragon Style

The Ghost/Smoke Dragon Style



Alchemical Sheet

Solar Sheet

Lunar Sheet

Sidereal Sheet

Abyssal Sheet

Infernal Sheet

Dragon Blooded Sheet

Autochthonian Dragon Blooded Sheets

Ghost Sheet

Mortal Sheet

Animal Sheet

Demon Sheet

Elemental Sheet

Deity Sheet

God Blooded Sheet

Ghost Blooded Sheet

Demon Blooded Sheet

Beastfolk Sheet

Raksha Sheet

Dragon King Sheet

Mountain Folk Sheet

Generic Sheet Template


Blazing Seraph of The Machine God

Solvent of Intractable Distention

Voice of Justified Dissension


Aster Snow


Lady Red Fox

Ana the Mother

Gaia's Gardener



Sancara Holtz

Iron Storm of Freedom

Harmonious Flower

Artisan Faust


Mr Benjamen Karat Muldoon

Killer in the House of Horrors

The Housewife of Dark Designs

Little Void Princess

Soulsteel Axe Queen

The Black Barron of Vulgaria


Vermilion Glass Rat

Dragon Blooded

Autochthonian Dragon Blooded


The Hierarchy of Souls


God Blooded

Ghost/Ghost Blooded


This segment chronicles all of the examples of one of "The Four" whom I have created for my games, understand that these characters are even less 'core' than the rest of the characters I have created.

The Archon of Apostasy

The Mocker

Drowned Princess of the Stygian Depths


Yaxeda Akimi

Marake Vor Hapilos

Jamika Vor Darian

Shards of the Exalted Dream

Alas Babylon

A Galaxy of Shards