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This Chronicle has been organized into several chapters covering what I like to think of as the first 'book' of the series affectionately titled "The Long Road To Iskandar". Thus far it has lasted about three to four months (The weeks start to blur together when one has a small child.) and covered over a thousand miles from Chiaroscuro to Aj-Aran

The chapters are as follows:

Book 1: "The Long Road To Iskandar"

Chapter 1

Under the Sign of Mercury in which our heroes find themselves in Chiaroscuro and end up enlisting the aid of a mysterious Djala to get under way for the long trip to Iskandar.

Chapter 2

The Details of Gods and Fairies in which the heroes come upon an impoverished village assailed by the Fair Folk and meet a newly exalted sidereal who will play a role in things to come.

Chapter 3

A Plague On Both Your Houses! In which the heroes reach the major way point between Chiaroscuro and Iskandar at Aj-Aran and find that it is beset by a circle of Abyssals and their magically engineered plague.


Book 1 Epilogue In which the heroes finish their business in Aj-Aran and say goodbye to one of their number.

Book 2: "Iskandar: City in Crisis."

Chapter 1

In which the heroes arrive in the reborn city and take in it's sights and sounds, which among other things include skirmishes in the streets between rival gangs, the police, and immaculate monks. (Status: In Progress.)