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Mandatory opening section...

This will be a page to link to my custom VirtueFlaws, on the premise that I'll actually write more than one. ^_^

The Actual Flaws

Solar Virtue Flaws - For more wacky nastiness when the Masters of the Universe (TM) go nuts-all bonkers

Lunar Virtue Flaws - Insert random (inherently bad) bestiality joke >here<.

Dark Miracles - For when the Ur-cthulhu revenants get mad that you're being too nice...

Infernal Blessings - Inspired by ideas by DeathBySurfeit (Sins) and FourWillowsWeeping (how Infernal Limit might work).

Dragon-Blooded Things - Some possible ways of dealing with the relatively minor Terrestrial Curse.

Fair Folk Bedlam Curses - For Curses related to other Graces (Which Graces I may develop on my own, or may link to if I find interesting ones by someone else)


Some (most) of these don't have real content, nor shall they for a while... -Suzume