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Infernal Limit

When an Infernal's Limit Breaks, his Limit does not reset to 0; he also gains no Willpower. Instead, each turn he may 'burn' a single point of Limit into (permanent Essence) motes, which he must use that turn to fuel one or more Charms. An Infernal in the throes of a Limit Break act with genuine virtue; he remains in Limit Break until he has expended all his Limit..


Dude! Infernals have Limit? They work for those that imposed the Great Curse in the first place. I'm starting to think that you'll need to justify the continued existence of the Curse for Infernal-tainted sparks; is it because the Yozis are worried what would happen if untainted sparks got retaken by the Celestines? Just something to consider - it makes a lot of sense that Infernals have Limit technology if they have Limit in the first place, since the Yozis will want to utilize their modification as well as they can, but the issue of Limit existing at all is something you want to consider, I think. I'll work on the Limit Tech assumption for a while because I like it, but I look forward to your thoughts on the matter. - FourWillowsWeeping

Actually, the Great Curse was imposed by the dying Primordials, not the ones that surrendered. The Yozis probally have a greater understanding than anyone else about the Great Curse short of the Malfeans- but they may very well also lack the ability to revoke it.

Amusing thought- what if the only way to get the Curse to break is to kill as many Yozis as there are Malfaens- but have them bless, rather than curse, their killers. THAT'D be epic :) - DariusSolluman

Ah, well then. In that case, Limit Tech is the way to go... and possibly crazy stuff that permanently changes the size of your Limit meter in order to gain certain effects (like, you can exchange dots of Limit for Attribute dots; consequently, you are generally more buff, or inhumanly smart, or surreally adept at social dealing, but you also lost some Limit die-adding flexibility, and you flip out and kill people more often. Or you can exchange a HL for a point of Limit... crazy wild mechanics-bending stuff. - FourWillowsWeeping

A comment on Infernal Limit Breaks\\ First, if their Flaws are geniuenly meant to bring them into conflict with the Yozis, maybe they should be... I dunno. Nicer? Kinder than the presented Solar Flaws. Second, maybe they should bleed Limit down during a Limit Break, rather than instantly reseting to 0- this way they can both enjoy the benefits of a full Limit pool, and Charms which alter their Limit can become more meaningful.

Good thought; I'm reading up on Solar LBs to see what exactly happens when they hit one, but here's my current thought on Infernals, building off yours: Infernals act with genuine virtue when in the throes of the Curse. This is a complex situation; it tends to improve their reputations, while messing with their short-term goals. When they 'break', the virtuous behavior is triggered, but their Limit is not set to 0; instead, they can 'burn' it away. Each turn, an Infernal can burn a single point of Limit instead of spending up to his permanent Essence in motes to fuel a Charm, but only if the Charm is used in service of the Flaw. - FourWillowsWeeping

Mmm... That's a little complex. Why not just have it be they burn their Permanent Essence or their Virtue in Limit per day? - DariusSolluman

Interesting, but it doesn't quite get across the 'bipolar disorder' idea I'm trying to convey - basically, it's efficient for Infernals to have lots of Limit (and therefore act contrary to their Virtues) when they're not Breaking, and it's efficient for them to act like little saints when they are (because their Charms are practically free). So you encourage two extremes of behavior, rather than simply letting them 'blow off steam' every so often like Abyssals do.

That said, I'd be a nice Charm that allows you to do that. - FourWillowsWeeping