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Pinnacle (Ability) Attainment

Cost: -; Mins: (Ability) 5, Essence 4; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Any (Ability) Excellency

The Lawgivers are peerless in their majesty and skill. In battle none may match them, in the court none can outmaneuver them and in brilliance they know no peers. There is a reason that the Solars ruled Creation and it is quite simply because they quite simply could do more and do it better then any other who might take up the reigns. Upon purchase of this charm for a paticular Ability(which the character must also have an Excellency charm in) whenever a player rolls a 10 on a die it counts as 3 successes instead of 2. (Kudos to Haren for helping me get this idea going)


Hey... nice idea! One of those things that are so simple, you wonder why it wasn't thought of before... and damn you for making me envy 2e, there is no good and elegant way to implement something like that in 1e >.> Grrr! ~GoldenCat

  • Y'know, you could just... port the excellencies over to 1e? ~Kukla
  • Hahahahaha! 2e is good for you. And thanks. -BogMod

I like this and think that it makes a great deal of sense. Plus this sort of thing (triple successes 10) already has a precedent in White Wolf (not that you need it, but I think that is a nice feature of this) - Aberrant. Now, all wee need is a charm that allows all successes gathered for that ability (with the exceptions of 10s which remain 3) to be counted as two successes. :) Anyway, good job on this, I think it fits the concept of the setting very much. -Heru