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Sunipa, Goddess of Eastern War

Neverfrost, Divine Daiklave</b>
Speed +9 Accuracy +4 Damage +8L Defense +3 Rate 6

 Neverfrost: Speed 22 Accuracy 21 Damage 16L Defense 20 Rate 6*
 Delicate Scarlet Blossom: (as on Outcastes, p.36)

* Neverfrost ignores the target's first 10 points of lethal soak from any source.

Bear in mind that Sunipa's armor counts as a form of Dragon Armor, giving her a bonus to ground movement and bonus dice to resist poison and disease. Furthermore, she can spend motes to gain Essence Sight or bonus dice on Awareness rolls, and may spend motes to increase the difficulty of Awareness or divination rolls against her.