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Exalted Beach Volleyball -- Live!

The log of the IRC game played on 04/30/04. There is also a prose version.

<Bog_Mod> Today's game happens down in the sunny southeast on one of the lovely beachs of An-Teng. The sun is high in the sky, a net set up and you ladies have found the handsome Situro to be the referee for this match. On Team A is the modest spearmaiden Yieng, wearing a lovely blue one piece with shorts on over them. Also on her team is Wistful Dream, a young faeblood from wavecrest in a stunning palegold skirt bikini.

<Bog_Mod> One team two we have Melody, a young abyssal from the east in a dark thong bikini, pale skin not burning or tanning in the hot sun. Her teamate is Kyumi, who has come to this game in a red skirt and bikini and of course her everpresent smile. Who will win todays game!? Who will be the champion!? Situro throws teh ball to Kyumi for her to start off the game.

  • Kyumi blinks. "Me...?" She looks nervously at the Abyssal, and then serves!

<Bog_Mod> <Situro> "Allright ladies, we all know the rules so lets have some fun. Drinks on me after the game down at the club. Kyumi, you start."

  • Kyumi nods at the cute guy, and then tosses the ball up in the air, and then serves. Hopefully she doesn't 'accidentally' hit the Abyssal...

<Bog_Mod> Roll your serve then.

<Kyumi> Dex +Ath?

<Bog_Mod> yes

<Kyumi> !ex 5

<Yieng> In #dice

<Kyumi> Brain broken.

<Bog_Mod> The ball is served, arcing up over the net and then starting to spin and come down towards Dream.

  • Dream frowns prettily in concentration, barely saving!

<Bog_Mod> Up it goes, letting Yieng move in for the return.

  • Yieng dashes forward as the ball sails up into the air. "Hyah!" With a shout, she leaps up and spikes the ball.

<Bog_Mod> The loud smack of hand on ball is heard and the air whistles as it flies towards Melody.

<Bog_Mod> Melody, clearly somewhat distracted by the Sun is unable to get to the ball in time, allowing Yieng and Dream to now have control of the ball.

  • Dream flashes a brief smile to her teammate.
  • Yieng makes a light three-point landing as the ball craters the sand across the net.
  • Kyumi mutters something about Abyssals.

<Bog_Mod> <Situro> "Ladies, your choice who serves first."

  • Yieng nods at Wistful Dream, offering her the ball.
  • Dream blushes and takes it timidly, eyeing it as if it were a land mine. "Here goes nothing.."

<Dream> A smile of relief touches Dream's face as the ball flies safely over the net.

<Bog_Mod> The ball heads down towards Kyumi.

<Bog_Mod> Kyumi lightly bops the ball up for Melody.

<Bog_Mod> The ball is returned, forcing Yieng to go on the defensive against Melody's return of doom!

  • Yieng squints into the sun as she shuffles to the side, positioning herself in the path of the oncoming ball.

<Bog_Mod> Yieng dives into the sand but gets her fists under teh ball, sending it up to let her teammate try to score a point!

<Dream> Aquatic eyes flash with purpose as the changeling's lithe form springs forward to attack the ball with surprising ferocity.

<Bog_Mod> The ball flies over the not, Kyumi jumping backwards before striking the ball up in a set to Melody.

  • Melody raises her fist in defiance of the Sun above, then uses said fist to send the ball gracefully spiralling towards the other team.

<Bog_Mod> Over it goes, heading towards the lovely blue haired girl.

  • Dream chews her lip momentarily, positioning herself beneath the ball's graceful arc and prepares to float it to Yieng.

<Bog_Mod> Like a feather it floats up and sidways into Yiengs sights...

  • Yieng rolls over onto her back, pulls her legs up to her chest, and lithely kip-ups -- then immediately pushes off from the ground, her long hair streaming out behind her as she backflip-kicks the ball over the net!

<Bog_Mod> The very air around the ball ripples from teh intensity of the strike before firing like a cannon towards the ground!

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<Limpet_Mod> I miss anything?

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<Situro> [is BM]

<Yieng> Kyumi is returning, 5 base succs.

<Yieng> Appears distracted.

<Situro> Isn't Kyumi saving?

<Yieng> By return I meant save

<Situro> 5 base, so needs to dice

<Situro> dive

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<Bog_Mod> Kyumi dives, great gouts of sand shooting up from the ground as she catches the ball with her arms to cause it to rebound up to set up her abyssal teammate.

  • Signoff: Kyumi (Ping timeout)
  • Melody takes a step back, then leaps forward, turning deftly in mid-air to kick the ball almost straight down, very close to the net.

<Dream> Dream's eyes widen in surprise as she scrambles forward, twisting her lean torso in an attempt to get the perfect pass to her teammate.

<Yieng> Dream twists too far and falls, but manages to catch the ball on her outstretched fists!

  • Yieng tosses her head, sand cascading out of her shining black topknot to fall around her as she smoothly jumps up and swats the ball back across the net.

<Bog_Mod> There is a crack like thunder and a shockwave of sand flies backwards from Yieng and the ball as it screams towards the earth!

<Bog_Mod> Kyumi blinks at the thundercrack and by the time her eyes open the ball has struck the sand.

<Bog_Mod> Situro "First point to Yieng and Dream! Well done ladies and I believe now its your turn to serve Yieng. Kyumi, please pass her the ball." to which she does.

  • Dream giggles conspiratorily.
  • Yieng closes her eyes briefly, centering herself. Then... "RISING SUN FIERY METEOR SERVE!" She steps forward, leaps, and sends the ball whizzing over the net.

<Bog_Mod> Kyumi stands strong and defiant and shouts back as the ball touches her outstetched fists. "Swallow Carries Aloft Technique!"

<Bog_Mod> Kyumi dives but makes the save sending the ball to Melody for the deadly return as their team works to get control of the ball.

  • Melody half-catches it on the back of one hand, balancing it delicately as she spins. "Um... Here Comes The Ball Attack." And the return!
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<Bog_Mod> It seems like darkness coils around the ball like an inky doom as the ball is returned with all the inevitability of death.

  • Melody looks quite satisfied with the attack.

<Dream> "Graceful--" Dream's words stumble into a shriek of surprise as the ball hurtles toward her, but her legs and arms remain steady as she tries to send the ball gently to Yieng. Mostly, she is simply proud that she's not covering her face with her hands.

<Yieng> ^_^

<Bog_Mod> The ball hits and bounces right into Situro's hands. "Bad luck. Melody, your serve." and he lobs the ball to the Abyssal as the second team gets control.

  • Melody bows gracefully as she accepts the ball.
  • Dream shoots a helpless, apologetic look to her teammate.
  • Yieng pats Dream's shoulder reassuringly. "If you keep up your spirit, victory will be ours!"

<Melody> After eyeing the other team skeptically, Melody throws the ball up, just using a basic serve.

<Bog_Mod> While basic, she strategically aims the ball for a not properly defended patch causing the other side to scramble!

<Dream> Remembering her teammate's words, Dream refuses to allow her recent failure to cloud her thought. She moves with the swiftness of thought to the barren patch of sand, her lovely face set in grim determination!

<Bog_Mod> Little sparkles of colour shoot up as she hits the ball, setting up Yieng for the deadly return!

  • Yieng smiles as she sees Dream's perfect set arc through the air. She carefully positions herself, crouches, and springs to meet the ball as it plummets downward. With a deceptively light touch, she redirects its course, adding her own strength to its momentum. The ball flies down toward the sand, barely crossing the top of the net.
  • Kyumi dives... fancy like!

<Bog_Mod> Kyumi returns to the sand, much like she often has been this round.

<Bog_Mod> But its not enough! Woah is she...and the serve goes to Dream.

  • Yieng draws an expectant breath as it looks like Kyumi will make the save, then lets it out in relief as the other Solar just misses.

<Kyumi> "You made me miss!"

<Bog_Mod> Situro looks innocent and puts his shades on so you can't see his eyes.

  • Kyumi kicks deadly sand at him!

<Bog_Mod> "I did no such thing. Your serve Wistful Dream." He evads your sand by being in a high chair.

<Dream> Dream nods and takes the ball. She closes her eyes for a moment, centers herself, and swings her delicate arm to heft the ball towards the other team.

  • Kyumi sticks her tongue out at Situro. "Only babies sit in high chairs!"
  • Melody rolls her eyes, then notices the serve. Leaping up and back, she stops the ball with her chest, before delicately kneeing it towards her teammate.
  • Kyumi smiles at the crowd, giving them the peace sign, quickly balling her hand into a fist and slamming it up over the net

<Bog_Mod> Situro calls the game on account of jacuzzi. So everyone agrees to have a rematch later and head off for drinks and jacuzzi relaxation.