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My new and improved Inspiration back by popular demand ^_^


  • The Flat Earth series by Tanith Lee - I can seriously see where the writers got there inspiration from this book. It has some randomly awesome stuff in it. I even made a Raksha character based off of Lord Azhrarn, cause he's the Night Master!
  • Anything by Tolkien - If I have to explain myself maybe you should't be playing RPG's in the first place
  • His Dark Materials series by Phillip Pullman - Some of the stuff in here reminds me of Exalted. A definite must read for any who truly love fantasty
  • The Redwall series by Brian Jacques - Little fantasty or magic (except for talking animals) this series is well written and very influental on all of my villians.


  • Cowboy Bebop - Stop. Stay where you are. have you seen Cowboy Bebop? if not send your address to and I will come to your home and watch it with you (Note that you have to pay for food, shelter and any damage to me or my dvd's and return bus fare. I am not liable for any missing bottles of tequila. I refuse to go to Canada, due to an large list of criminal charges, which have resulted in an outstanding arrest warrent)
  • Anything by Hayoa Miyazaki - From Naussica to Spirited Away, Miyazaki has continuously shown that he is an absolute genius. Some people will tell you to watch Princess Mononoke or Naussica, and though you definitely should them see those I think it would be a mistake to ignore the rest, especially Spirited Away, which gives us westerners a real view of a polytheistic religon.
  • Lord of the Rings - not nearly as good as the books but still great stuff for fantasy epics.
  • Seven Samurai - 'cause Kurosawa is my god
  • Yojimbo - 'cause and anyone named "strawberry fields" that can kick anyone's ass is god as well

Video games

  • Final Fantasy X - Because when you cry like a little girl at the end of a video game, thats when you know its good!
  • Baldurs Gate 2 - The seminal piece on Computer RPG's.
  • The Legend of Zelda series - One of the best fantasy series in video games
  • Resident Evil series - Sometimes campy, always scary. Some of this stuff in here freaks me out.


  • Richard Wagner - This is the kind of music that was made for great fantasy epics (literally)
  • Cowboy Bebop - you may be thinking to yourself "why does this idiot have the same thing listed twice?" well when i come over to show you Bebop you'll totally understand