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I'll be adding my In Character journal and other game notes for NPCNewWorldOrder's Exalted game Rise of the Air Kingdoms here.

IC Journal Entries

NPC Retainers & Henchmen

Unconquered Flame: Unconquered Flame was Mizugami’s brother’s orderly up until the Battle of Futile Blood. He’s loyal and a good soldier; life in the legions has taught him caution, especially the Tepet legions’ experience of late. Since Mizugami hired Eyes of Ice and Smoke, Unconquered Flame has taken on more traditional bodyguard and personal agent duties. He’s fit and tan, with a thick mane of red hair, and is usually seen wearing a reinforced buff jacket in Mizugami’s livery with an old, but well cared for chopping sword on his hip. Unconquered Flame lives in Mizugami’s suite at the Palace of Len Occam.

Emerald Dancer: Emerald Dancer is a native of Ironfall in the Haslanti League. From a seafaring family, he’s been aboard ships since he was old enough to be a cabin boy. He worked his way to able seaman aboard blue water sailing vessels and ice ships and had spent just shy of 2 years on the League’s air ships when Mizugami hired him. He was hired because of his skills and his lack of political entanglements and took the job because it was a promotion and a challenge. Emerald Dancer is of average build, with the weathered looks of lifelong Viking sailor. Typically, he wears a Haslanti buff jacket and a sharp knife and he lives aboard Mizugami’s yacht. His name is a result of his green eyes and graceful shipboard movement.

Eyes of Ice and Smoke: Eyes of Ice and Smoke is Mizugami’s primary domestic servant. She’s only 2 years older than him and was hired away from his aunt Tepet Elana’s estate (with her permission). Eyes is a highly skilled domestic servant, comfortable working in any part of a Dragon-Blood’s household. Her family works for Tepet Elana and her time off is often spent at Elana’s estate. She’s of average appearance, with eyes that shift from blue to grey seemingly based on her mood.

Wen-long Kelana: Wen-long Kelana is Mizugami's accountant. She is 4 years older than Mizugami and they've been friends socially since meeting the night after Red-Fist Hayoo made his first assassination attempt against Kazuki last year. Mizugami recently decided his burgeoning business interests needed more oversight and hired Kelana away from her father's accounting business. She's talented with numbers, entirely at ease around Mizugami, and quite pretty.

Verdant Mantis: Verdant Mantis is a bodyguard and native of Icehome in the Haslanti League. Named for the green geometric tattoo spiraling up her torso to her face and her measured, predatory movements, she is a woman of few words. She is usually detailed to protect Wen-long Kelana but spells Unconquered Flame as Mizugami's guard from time to time.

Iceflow Ghost: Iceflow Ghost is Mizugami's spymaster, formerly of the Cheraki Intelligence Service. He chafed under the service's leadership and limitations and it wasn't difficult for Mizugami to recruit him. His cover is that of Mizugami's secretary, which keeps him current on Mizugami's business and political business. Iceflow Ghost is a nondescript man of about 30 years, skilled at ferreting out information both from written records and from people.

Knife of the Mountains: Knife of the Mountains is Mizugami's spy and fixer.

Brilliant Copper Disciple: Brilliant Copper Disciple is Mizugami's personal chef. She graduated from the Colleges the same year as Mizugami, a star pupil of Chef Huey.


These troops serve as bodyguards for Mizugami and his retainers or, when needed, as muscle. As this force grows, the original personnel will become a leadership cadre.

Last Sunrise: Elite soldier, former legion Scalelord. Supervises drill, training, and discipline.

Fang 1

Fanglord Sapphire Hammer: *DECEASED* He was a hard, battle-scarred man with brilliant blue eyes. At some point after his recruitment he was taken as a host by the decanthrope that had also infiltrated much of Cherak's government. Regrettably he had to be killed.
Child of the Empty Woods: A Linowan refugee from the east, his village was destroyed in the war.
Servant of Jade: Third son in a familial line that's been serving the Realm for 300 years (believed to be a spy for House Tepet).
Memories of Shadows and Dust: A Haslanti man from a family strong in the traditions of their Icewalker ancestors.
Vengeful Sword of Wrath: Disowned daughter of a patrician family from Cherak, she has a friendly demeanor and a quick smile.

Fang 2

Fanglord Stalwart Rose: Wiry girl with dark red hair.
Virtuous Servant of Order: A devout Immaculate and honorable young man.
Daughter of Rage and Grace: An angry young woman, but a professional soldier.
Vigilant Blade of Redemption: Originally a farmer, became a soldier after Icewalkers raided his farm and burned his fields.
Empty Rainbow: A quiet, middle-aged woman with close-cropped black hair who rarely smiles.


These watchmen guard Mizugami's various holdings around Cherak. Their duties and shifts are rotated to avoid complacency.

Iron Midnight
Sorrowful Crystal
Last Lightning
Wrathful Bear
Quicksilver Vengeance
Friend of Ice
Savage Wolf
Grieving Emerald: From a small Haslanti greenfield that shifting weather erased.
Frost Leopard
Harbinger of the Open Sky
Heart of Oak
Implacable Mammoth
Vermillion Siaka: A slight, brown-skinned man from a tribe in the West.
Memories of Joy
The Last Son of Granite
Eternal Enemy of the Wyld
Voice of the Wind Across the Tundra
Boulder Smiting Hero
Vigilant Ivory Hawk
Graceful Ice Dancer