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A Brief Introduction

Greetings and Salutations. As this is a place for introductions, I'll mention a bit about myself. I'm NPC New World Order, a common lurker and infrequent poster on's Tangency forum. Even more infrequently, I speak up on RPG Open. But, I'm an avid gamer, and right now I'm laying the ground work for an Exalted game to come. I plan on making campaign resources available not only to players in my upcoing campaign, but also to anybody else who might be interested - and this wiki seems to be the best place to do so. The start date for the campaign is looking like its months away (originally March 2007, but now I'm going to try with a different player group when the game we're currently running comes to an end, which will likely be sometime in 2008), but that just means I have plenty of prep time, and trust me, I'll be putting it to good use.

Thoughts on the Campaign

Rise of the Air Kingdoms is the working title, and as that suggests the setting will be the icy north. I'm very fond of the toys that gives me as a GM to work with - the undercity of Gethamane, the politics of the Haslanti League, the threat of the Bull of the North, and two of my favorite Deathlords. It's going to be a Dragonblooded game using a variation of Savage Worlds as the rules system, and I'll leave it up to my players desires as to whether they become heroes of the north, rulers of the north, or whatever. I do want it to be a heroic rather than villainous game, so in our pre-game discussions I'll be sure that I emphasize that I'm not really interested in a 'despoilers of the north' campaign.

I'm planning on the characters starting the campaign as students in a secondary school in Cherak, The Colleges the of Fivefold Path and the North Wind. They'll get written as Dragonblooded teenagers who have just exalted, and the first arc of the campaign will be them getting acquainted with their new classmates. Perhaps the PCs will be from the local House Ferem, or they may be a Dynast that did not make it into one of the Realm's secondary schools, or they could be from a family with not much history of exaltation at all. The first part of the campaign will be set at the school, where they will make allies and rivals that will last throughout the story - and upon graduation, the heroic journey will begin.