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Dragon's Road Initation

Seeking the (Type) Dragon</b>

<b>Cost: None 
Duration: Permenant 
Type: Special 
Min. Martial arts:5
Min Essence:4 

The Exalt learns to attune his anima to one of elements around and in himself gaining an understanding and Mastery of it. This allows the Martial Artist to void the Elemental surcharge of one type of elemental (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Wood) martial art provided that the martial art is taken to form level or above.

Riding the Dragon</b>

<b>Cost: 3 motes 
Duration:Until Dismissed 
Type: Simple
Min. Martial arts:5
Min Essence:4 
Prereqs:(Type) Dragon Form, Seeking the (Type) Dragon. 

The Exalt takes his training a step further and learns to wrap her Anima around the weapons of her form granting her the weapon abilities of an Dragon Blooded Practitioner of her form.


Which type of Exalt are these for? I assume Solars, but you never know. Also, as a matter of nomenclature it makes more sense for the Charms to be called Seeking the (Type) Dragon and Riding the (Type) Dragon, that way the prerequisite could simply be (Type) Dragon Form. - Moxiane

Excellent suggestion; i think i'll change it now.and as Far as Exalt Type it's for any who could legaly take one of the Dragon forms i hope this clears things up a bit.

I think (Element) makes more sense than (Type) in this instance. I didn't change it, but did put (Type) where it belonged, after "the". - David.

Thanx for the assist. made the changes on autopilot sorry bout the inconvenience.-Issaru

Do Solars even have to pay the elemental surcharge for the Immaculate Forms? I always assumed that this penalty only applied to the Dragonbloods, since their Essence is not balanced between the elements (until they achieve balance after mastering all five styles). Solars would already have balanced essence. If you're taking this from the fact that Eclipse always pay the elemental surcharge for DB charms, I would remind that Martial Arts styles are an exception to many rules because they are universal for all Exalt types, and therefore the Immaculate Charms are not technically Dragon-Blooded charms. If anything, it would seem more likely that DB's had to pay an elemental(less) surcharge for all non-Immaculate Martial Arts until they achieve balance, or at least until they undergo a special initiation aimed specifically at granting access to the non-Immaculate styles. Blackwell

First off, cool Charms; nice & simple, much like myself. In response to Blackwell, Dragon-Bloods learning one of the (Celestial) Dragon Styles that isn't the same as their element must pay a 1 mote surchage, and this applies to Celestial Exalts as well. But, where DB's can attune their Anima's to the style (once they have learnt the final Charm so as not to pay the surchage, Celestials can't do that since they are not a part of the elements themselves. For further information, see the Dragon-Blooded Errata from the White Wolf site. ~ FornClakes

Thanx glad you liked them! Also the DB's get the surcharge dropped after they get the Form Charm, but other than that you're right. - Issaru
Whether "mastery" means "the Form" or "all Charms" is very debateable. I think most people, including me, interpret it to mean "all Charms". And, to Blackwell, check out the DB Errata. It's not about having a balanced Essence, it's about having an inherently elemental Essence, and the alignment of that Essence. Elemental Charms have surcharges. DB Charms are always elemental Charms, MA Charms can be, but usually aren't. - David.