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I'm not a real Exalted character, but I play one in a game.

Margard Kazuki is a character in NPCNewWorldOrder's Exalted / Savage Worlds crossover campaign, entitled Rise of the Air Kingdoms.

My contribution to the campaign is a mostly impartial synopsis of each games' activities, as well as a mortal NPC's in-character journal of events that occur off-screen, written in the first-person by Kazuki's in-game sister, Mahiro.

Yes, my characters' names and even some of the backstory and relationships are based off of characters from the anime Busou Renkin, which has its first 13-episode box set due out April 29, 2008 from Viz.

Campaign Events

Session 1

  • Session 1 Synopsis - OOC summary of the events that occurred during the game.
  • Mahiro's Diary - Read the synopses first or the events described within might not make sense.

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Session 8

Session 9

Session 10

Session 11

Session 12

Session 13

Session 14

Session 15

Session 16

Session 17

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Session 25

Cast of Characters

Below are characters in the Rise of the Air Kingdoms game not already listed on NPCNewWorldOrder's page.


Margard Kazuki (Wood Aspect): Grew up a commoner without many luxuries – idealistic and enthusiastic, but naïve to the ways of nobility (or even middle class, for that matter). He is two years older than most of the other Dragonblooded in his class, since he had to restart schooling while he was a senior. He used to lead a double-life as a student by day and monster hunter by night, but most of the major "monsters" have been cleared out of the city. He was adopted into the Margard shortly after he Exalted. He's not particularly bright, so he was required to take remedial classes in his second year. In his third and final year, instead of normal classes, he is being taught by Reflections of Chaos... who is 7 years his junior. His friend and fellow Idiot, Rokumasu, is also one of his instructors.

In his life as a hero, Kazuki faced a number of tough moral decisions that forced him to rethink how he views the world during his first year. After practically murdering someone -- even though he was a Ravager who preyed on the weak -- Kazuki was severely impacted emotionally and is more hesitant than ever to attack someone who is helpless. He will fight to defend himself and his friends, but if at all possible, he will not be the one to begin an offensive if he can help it. He is also starting to realize that there are some necessary evils in this world, and his once black-and-white outlook on life is starting to become stained with grays.

A few of his classmates feel that Kazuki needs to be protected -- not only from society, but from the assassins that he tends to attract. As the primary attacker for their numerous battles, he often delivers the killing blow to many of their more powerful foes. News travels fast, and many times, their slain enemies' allies decide that Kazuki will be the target of their revenge. Kazuki doesn't seem to mind... or maybe he's just that clueless.

Jahanna Zinthos (Fire Aspect): Once a commoner with great promise in the blood sport arena. She is bitter about losing the opportunity to be the best of the best amongst mortals, and has developed a finely honed mean streak as a result. She has recently taken interest in a new goal, which has renewed her interest in life: The Tournament of the Scarlet Grace. She is actively encouraging her classmates to form a team for the competition. Since Rector Danic seems to be entrusting the role and duty of group leader to her, Kazuki is ready to put his life in her hands. In a sense, he already has.

Kazuki feels nervous around J'hanna, mainly because she is often so distant and aloof. She is also considerably more fierce and resilient than the other girls Kazuki knows, and this throws him off. Recently, she has been wanting to become more involved, and Kazuki wants to help, but he just doesn't know how. Her new goal in life goes way over his head. She strives to lead her own troops into battle, and at Rector Peleps Danic's suggestion, Jahana is pursuing an assignment in the Cheraki navy, where should could potentially be the captain of her own vessel upon graduation.

Maheka Judas (Earth Aspect): Strict and highly disciplined, his outer façade comes across as cold and emotionless. He strives for action and efficiency, and doesn't tolerate the wishy-washiness of noble whims. There is compassion hidden under his stony face, but he often approaches things in a blunt fashion as the obtuse voice of reason. He’s caught the eye of some of the more powerful criminal elements in the city, and only time will tell what comes of it. He was once secretly studying the First Pulse Fist style, and has since mastered the form.

Judas has shared in a few life-or-death situations with Kazuki, both concerning themselves and others. Kazuki once felt a stronger bond with Judas than he does with some of his other classmates, but he has been having some trouble seeing eye-to-eye on more and more issues. Judas has recently become more and more distant from his classmates, and Kazuki is at a loss for what to do. However, Kazuki respects Judas, and will remain as fiercely loyal to him as he does with anyone he considers to be a friend.

Mnemon Kira (Air Aspect): Strongly believes that her only role in life is to face the Deathlords, and everything she does is preparation for that inevitability. Her desire is to learn and gather as much information about the Deathlords as possible, but not necessarily to combat them. She prefers intellectual over martial pursuits. Her leadership and involvement with the Dunleavy expedition has identified her as an up-and-coming expert in the occult, whether she’s ready for it or not. Mizugami has been helping her learn and experience more of The Game.

Kazuki feels that he can really get along with Kira. Even though she's from one of those high-falutin' families, she seems considerably down-to-earth, and that's saying a lot for an air aspect. Though she's far too bookish for Kazuki's tastes, he also recognizes that she enjoys having fun and is willing to let loose and be a little silly from time to time, and that's totally awesome in Kazuki's eyes. Kazuki knows he can count on Kira to watch his back in battle - even if it is from a distance - so he can concentrate on charging forward.

Princess Ranka (Fire Aspect): Sheltered and naïve, she is a princess who grew up knowing little of the outside world. She comes to the Colleges of the Fivefold Paths to not only learn more about sorcery, but about the world around her as well. Given the stereotypical reputation of royal lineages (and of her own family line), she is surprisingly empathetic. She has demonstrated a meticulous nature when researching an issue and prefers to only make informed decisions. She is slowly building a strong relationship with the Guild leader, Deadly Rose Lord, to help establish a powerful trade pact in preparation for her future post as leader of Gem.

Things are sometimes awkward between Ranka and Kazuki. Though one might think they could compliment each other -- she's rich and noble, trying to learn more about mundane life, while he's provincial and used to the commoner's life, trying to adapt to a noble lifestyle -- things just don't mesh that cleanly. She is also smart and intellectual, and Kazuki... isn't. Money is no object to Ranka and objects mean everything to Kazuki. Even though she is the oft-imagined Princess of Kazuki's dreams, she's hardly the kind of princess that needs rescuing, and that sometimes leaves Kazuki feeling inadequate around her.

Tepet Mizugami (Water Aspect): Raised under nobility, he accepts his position as one to serve and protect the citizenry; though he also believes that through these responsibilities he is entitled to the luxuries that nobility enjoys. He plays the role of the mediator and diplomat for the class, and is the outspoken voice of reason. He has been actively building up contacts and connections and trying to keep his classmates out of political trouble since it is apparent no one else is ready to play The Game. He has gone out of his way to plan for his future by establishing a wide network of contacts in and out of Cherak.

Kazuki's opinion of Mizugami pretty much changes with the seasons. Kazuki implicitly trusts Mizugami because of his honesty and apparently unconditional helpfulness towards his friends. At the same time, Mizugami's laser-focused view on matters such as those regarding the Anathema or his inflexibility towards any sort of disparity against the indoctrination ingrained in his moral being clashes with Kazuki's own feelings, and this leaves him conflicted. Kazuki knows that he can count on Mizugami when it matters, but he fears that there might come a time when he'll have to stand on opposite teams because of strongly conflicting opinions.


The Four Idiots

Okagura: Sometimes referred to as Idiot #2. Many consider him to be the delinquent out of Kazuki's mortal friends, though the Idiots know that he really is a good guy deep, down inside. He only really wants to find true love while he is still a student at the school, but his face is usually scrunched in a dour scowl and he has a propensity for getting caught up in embarrassing misunderstandings, such as being spotted looking into the girls' locker room just as he chases away legitimate peeping toms. It is a toss-up as to whether it is he or Kazuki whose influence earned their group the Idiot 4 name. He has finally decided upon his role in life and has asked Auspicious Dusk, the majordomo whom all majordomos aspire to be, to train him so that he can help Kazuki in whatever way he can.

Daihama: Also known as Idiot #3. If it weren't for people like Chead and Judas, Daihama might be one of the largest students at the school -- certainly among the biggest of the mortals. However, though his large physique intimidates many, he is surprisingly gentle and caring. He is all too aware of his strength and takes deliberate care in his actions. He has some rough combat skill, but prefers to use his strength to build and repair things instead. He is helping Mahiro fix up homes in the noble quarter, and turning them around for a quick profit in order to help Kazuki maintain an income outside of his family fortunes.

Rokumasu: People call him Idiot #4, though he is far from being an idiot in the true sense of the word. He's actually very knowledgeable, but thanks to the company he keeps, people just assume that he's as dumb as the rest of them. As a result, he has taken on the identity of a teeeerribly mysterious savant that spouts tidbits of wisdom and knowledge at completely random, but appropriate moments. In order to stay close to his friends, he intentionally gets mediocre grades on exams. He has graduated from the College and is now a probationary instructor teaching remedial courses to the Exalts that require special attention to their education.

Mahiro: She was inducted into the Four Idiots as Idiot #5. She is Kazuki's birth sister and enjoys a very close, familial relationship with him. Though she is book-smart and does well in school, her free-spirited nature and blatant air-headedness (whether that is a fault due to Kazuki's influence is debatable) makes her a perfect fit with the Idiots. She enjoys many of the simpler things in life and takes that view of life up several notches by taking a liking to things for incomprehensible reasons -- after all, she enrolled in the College of the Fivefold Path because she really liked the school's uniforms. She has excelled within the College's Lower Deliberative thanks to her association with the school's Exalts, though she is a very capable leader in her own right. She currently presides over the College's Lower Deliberative and plans on joining the Cheraki Deliberative after graduation. She is helping Kazuki to build up a steady income while he is gallivanting about playing the hero.

Chisato: Chisato has the dubious distinction of being Idiot #5.5. She is Mahiro's closest friend, and had the misfortune of becoming an Idiot by association, even if she doesn't really fit the mold. Though she claims to be annoyed by the Idiots' antics and for being clumped into their clique, she obviously adores and respects Mahiro as a friend and she enjoys herself in their company. Chisato has an unusual fascination for ghosts, spirits, and all things occult -- some go so far as to say it's an unnatural obsession -- and is often found either reading up on such things and playing around with divination tools such as tarot cards. In her senior year, she has turned her academic pursuits towards thaumaturgy, and she has the promise to become a great geomancer.

Margard Hikaru: Hikaru is the girl who won the Host Club random drawing during the Spring Festival on the day that Kazuki was the guest Host. Kazuki allowed Hikaru to choose which activities she wanted to participate in – it turns out that Hikaru is competitive in nature and they had a good time playing against each other in all of the carnival games. She happens to be a member of the school’s equestrian team and a competitive athlete. Kazuki decided she was fun to hang out with and convinced her to tag along with the Idiots.

She was with the group when Red Fist Hayoo attempted to assassinate Kazuki, and was reluctant to rejoin the group at first, but after Kazuki’s earnest and persuasive speech, she decided to give it another go. After a few months of hanging out, even though she does not stay at the Palace with the others, she often stops by for lunch and she has started helping teach the others how to ride. She has been dubbed by some -- albeit secretly -- as Idiot #5 3/4. By her senior year, she has become the top equestrian at the College, and works part time in Mizugami's stables, taking care of his horses and helping to breed champion steeds.

Year 1 Aftermath

Thanks to Mizugami's recommendation in her first year, Mahiro was nominated to the post of chairman for the Student Festival Committee. When her association with Kazuki and the Dragonblooded class became indisputably obvious, she (unbeknownst to her) had become somewhat of a celebrity among her mortal classmates. As her first year came to a close, she was nominated and elected to the position of Vice President of the Lower Student Deliberative – surprisingly without any overt political wranglings. While she might not be able to help Kazuki directly, she looks forward to becoming a contributing member of Cherak’s Deliberative when she graduates so that she can help him in the background, though she despairs that this will likely separate them for the rest of her life.

As could be expected of Okagura, he failed his senior year and is forced to remain an extra year at the College. He doesn't mind, however, as this was his plan all along. It also gives him another chance at finding his true love, but he doesn't neglect his promise to continue sending Margard Miyako letters keeping her up-to-date with his friends' exploits. He currently has no aspirations for the future as he intends to stick by Kazuki's side for all eternity, and would even go so far as to become Kazuki's personal servant to accomplish this.

Due to the excitement and activity throughout the first year of the PC’s classes, Daihama manages to fail his senior year and is forced to stay back to retake the year. He doesn’t mind, however, as he gets to stay with his friends longer, but ultimately, he wishes to set up shop within the city to help build and maintain Cherak’s infrastructure. However, if Kazuki can find a place for him in his retinue, he would abandon these dreams in a heartbeat.

Rokumasu graduated after this past year (he couldn’t bring himself to fail badly enough to be left behind), but he chose to stay behind to take an extra year of post-graduate study. He has (most of) the idiots convinced that he too has failed a year. However, he intends to use his true ability for this final year in order to prove his real worth to the school so that after completing this year, he can remain at the College as a general studies professor. However, he is uncertain of what he wants to do when Kazuki finally graduates and moves on.

Chisato is mostly overshadowed by Mahiro’s popularity in her first year of school, though her associations with the Dragonblooded mean that she is never ignored. Though she prefers to be left alone to glean more from her studies, she has never been more excited about life outside of occult knowledge. She secretly wishes to someday be allowed to view the forbidden books within the College library, but for now she’ll settle with sharing knowledge with Kazuki’s classmates. She hasn't really considered her future much beyond this point.

Hikaru’s first year has been a true rollercoaster ride. She started as a normal student without much interest in her future, but thanks to her one, tiny impulsive whim, her life has changed dramatically. Though she was never the best in her equestrian league, much to the consternation of her rivals, she was the one singled out to help the Dragonblooded class in their horseriding studies. She is currently considering a path as a professional athlete when she graduates from college, but she yearns for the excitement of adventure like she experienced in the end of her freshman year in college.

Year 2 Aftermath

Mahiro serves well as the Vice President of the College Lower Deliberative, though her associations with the school's Exalts undoubtedly play a big part in matters. She proves to be an exceptional political leader and has a good head for business as well and as such, by the end of her second year, she is elected to lead the Lower Deliberative. She continues her pursuit to eventually join the Cheraki Deliberative, but she realizes that she has to propel herself in society as well as politics. While she has associations with her brother to fall back on, there is only one other thing that will help garner the attention that she will need to succeed as a politician: money. When Kazuki asks her to take care of the deeds to the homes that he holds, she gets an idea to help gain a little extra income on the side for herself, Kazuki, and the Idiots...

Though Okagura struggles through the year, Rokumasu helps him to finally graduate from the College. Though he felt he could just loiter about and remain by Kazuki's side, as Kazuki becomes more powerful as a Dragonblood, he feels their friendship slipping away, and that helplessness made him feel uneasy about the future. Still fiercely loyal to his long-time friend, Okagura despairs about what he can do to help Kazuki, when a suggestion from his penpal, Miyako, gives him an idea. He begs Auspicious Dusk, the majordomo of the Palace of Len Occam, to train him so that he too can become someone worthy to serve Kazuki when he finally graduates.

Daihama has also finally graduated from the College, with Rokumasu's help, and his exceptional crafting skills have caught many eyes. Though he originally planned to work at the wall, he saw a greater need within the College itself, and he has been assigned the project of restoring Dunleavy Hall. Mahiro is also taking advantage of his ability, and has him repairing and redecorating homes that she buys for quick and profitable resale within the noble district in order to help with building up a steady income for the group.

Rokumasu easily completes his post-graduate studies, and has no problems convincing his teachers of his extraordinary intellect. He signs on as a probationary faculty member of the College of the Fivefold Paths and is now helping to teach Exalts such as Kuk and Kazuki so that they may be able to graduate without being an embarrassment to the school. More importantly, he is helping Kazuki to prepare for the academic portion of the Tournament of the Scarlet Grace so that he may go on to the finals to fight with his friends.

Chisato feels that as a mortal human, she has learned all she can from her teachers at the College. By the end of her second year, she has set her sights on becoming a thaumaturgist, so that she may delve deeper into occult knowledge. She still seems to know more than most of her classmates, and perhaps even some of her teachers, but she also does extracurricular studies with the Enchanter that Mizugami hired, and spends quite some time speaking with Morning Frost Willow, whom she recently discovered is her great-great-grandmother. She also speaks with Lucrecia rather often, though she tries to do so when Judas is not around. He scares her.

Hikaru has finally established herself as one of the top mortal equestrians in Cheraki, perhaps even across the Blessed Isle. Her skill is vital to one of Kazuki's goals, and she has helped him learn to control his mount while flying. She is also taking care of most of the horses at the Palace of Len Occam, which mostly belong to Kazuki and Mizugami. She is also working part-time through her senior year as the stablemaster in charge of Mizugami's horses, helping to buy, breed, and sell steeds for a good profit.

The Bodyguards

These guys are mostly there for flavor and to act as plot devices. They're not expected to have any actual impact on the game, but their names (and the characters they get their names from) should be used as a guide to their personality and behavior.

  • Sagara Sanosuke
  • Sagara Sousuke