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Manses and Demesnes

These places are gathering points of magical power, home and haven to gods, demons, exalted and fae or even more arcane and esoteric creatures. This is the page for discussions of manses, new manses, etc. Although hearthstones grow in manses, this is not the page for them; go to HearthStones for that.


A demesne (pronounced di-MEYN) is an area where the natural flows of essence are particularly strong; often, this is where two or more dragon lines (flows of essence) cross each other, if they are elementally aspected. Celestial, abyssal, or infernal demesnes may pop up anywhere without regard for the local essence flows. Speculation that such demesnes are the results of moves in the Games of Divinity are, of course, groundless.


In Exalted, a manse is a building constructed according to mystical architectural principles on a demesne to channel essence. This serves several purposes:

  • Most important for the surrounding environment, it prevents free-flowing essence from warping the local flora and fauna.
  • It also supplies the persons attuned to the manse with a flow of essence, either while they are in the manse or, more usually...
  • Through a hearthstone, which is created in the center of the manse's essence flows and can channel essence to its wearer no matter where the wearer may be. The hearthstone usually also has a special power of varying usefulness.

Manses and demesnes are rated 1 to 5, with level 2 and 3 manses being the most common. Manses are often fortresses and great houses.

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As near as I can tell, we currently have three areas for Manses; we've got random, unorganized individual Manses on this page, about fifty Manses on the "1001 Manses" page, and then we've got contributor-organized Manses. I know that 1001 is a communal project, but it's one that hasn't been updated in two years, so some consolidation might not be a bad idea. Any opposition to transforming the 1,001 Manses project into a list of individual Manses that includes all individual Manses on the Wiki? - FrivYeti

I'm kind of partial to keeping the 1001 manses project intact. It was a good idea and deserves its posterity. That said, since each entry in 1001 Manses was its own page, there isn't any reason why we couldn't build a list of individual manses in addition to keeping 1001 as is. Or, for example, it could be possible to build several such lists. One organized by Element/Level, one by Level/Element, for example. (It would possible to use code to build these, probably). This could be made unified enough by a single entry point that mentions all the various lists. Alternately, you could keep the 1001 manses and just move everything into it. I dunno. - Wordman