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Gem of Immortality

This stone makes its owner immune to natural death and aging. It is a Level 4 Earth stone. - Book of Three Circles

Lithic Grove - Telgar


An ancient Manse, the Grove is formed of petrified trees that once bore the Peaches of Immortality. During a battle of the Primordial War the trees were destroyed by a massive surge of Earth Essence which created the Demesne. By sculpting and carving into 100 petrified trees, all bearing 100 Peaches each the Manse was created. In its very center is a still-living tree that, every 500 years, bears living Peaches. In that tree, there is a hole in the trunk where the Hearthstone forms.

Sunken Spire - FlowsLikeBits


Somewhere beneath the waters of the west lies the Third Spire of Luthe. During the battle that sank the city, the admantine spire was blown up into the air where it's tip scored the vault of heavan, creating the Western Slash. Crashing into the water, the manse happened to embed itself in an exising Earth Demense. The power and sturdyness of the manse was such that it manage to cap the new demense, despite being upside down in the sea floor.

The Mountain of Grenzel - Dmccoy1693


Several hundred miles Northwest of Whitewall is a mountain called Grenzel. It stands proudly above all other mountains in the region. It shows no sign of erosion, and the barbarian tribes and animals that live there have been known to live longer, healthier, and be of a heartier stock then those in the surrounding region. What is not known about this mountain is that buried deep within is a First Age Earth Manse that cannot be entered without the use of charms or sorcery. Created by a Twilight and No Moon, whom were wed to others. This was to be their hiding place. As such, there are no entertaining halls here, no banquet furnature. What there is is a whole host of automata pleasure servents and rooms that merely entering them can make one feel stronger and able to endure more pain or pleasure.

The Mountain of Grenzel has a sister manse somewhere. This way both could have The Gem of Immortality. Where that manse is located, perhaps the answer lies inside. Another mystery is where the hearthstone is now. If you entered this manse, there would be no stone in the antichamber.

The Oasis of Eternity - Overshee


Deep in the south, hidden in the shifting seas of sand, is an ancient manse constructed as a verdant paradise in the oppressing heat. This oasis is always healthy and smells of deep earth and a newly tilled garden. Exactly half a mile wide and perfectly circular, it is a perfect temperature inside, regardless of the burning heat outside. In the center is a intricately carved pillar which has engravings of hale, healthy animals, plants, and humans. On this pillar the hearthstone is formed, and the area around this pillar is even more fertile than the rest. It is said that a desert tribe has settled here and their sages live for an eternity. Anyone resting in this manse is treated as if they had rested for three times as long, for the prolonging and healing energy is strong.

The House of Falling Leaves - Wordman


Though few like to admit it, even the Dragon-Blooded get old. Even in retirement, however, most terrestrials maintain a certain vitality right up until death. Few succumb to the maladies that ravage mortals as they get old. Some, however, are not so lucky, becoming senile or enfeebled long before they can die with dignity. Common citizens in the Realm know nothing of such things, because dynastic families take pains to conceal such unfortunates, even from themselves. Many are shipped off to deep in the Ahbrem Mountains where the House of Falling Leaves stands among a series of waterfalls, hot springs and groves of trees. As a resort spa, of sorts, it caters exclusively to those Dragon Blooded who can no longer care for themselves. Few have heard of the place. Those that do, knowing its purpose as a place broken terrestrials go to die, derisively refer to it as the House of Fallen Leaves. Elementals, all volunteers, comprise the majority of the staff, led by a stoic earth spirit known only as the House Coordinator (and never as just "Coordinator").

The House, however, has a secret: it is built upon a powerful earth demesne which focuses the eternal nature of stone. Long ago, the House Coordinator built his sanctum here, allowing the place to act as a Manse. As with all sanctums built in such places of power, a hearthstone grew naturally within, providing the one who holds it with the immortality of rock. Content to have the sanctum itself, the House Coordinator offered the stone to the Empress upon her coronation. The guests of the House are almost never invited into the sanctum itself, but its magic resonates throughout most of the House grounds, flowing particularly well through the hot springs and waterfalls.

During the Festival of Earth, all of the pools in the House of Fallen Leaves restore youth and health to those that bathe within them. This lasts only as long as the festival, and only for those who remain in the water. When the effect fades, it does so over a half an hour or so. Many, feeling their infirmaries returning, choose to end their lives. Guests are required to swear oaths of secrecy before allowed into the pools, if they are lucid enough to, so almost no one living outside the House has any idea of the powers of the pool.