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This section will provide a small berth of ideas to help your Lunars along mostly with the revised charm set-up that I've provided and a few others. For a Great Plethora of ideas check out the Wikis' Lunars Page.

The Silver Pact

I like the Silver pact, its a neat Theory, but one thats not wholly practical for most Players to get into the mindset of. A simple conversion of the Silver Pact from being the barbarian Nation, to something close to the World War 2 underground movement (viva la resistance!) would be far more fitting. An organisation whos end goal is to see the Realm fall, whether by their own claws, or by aiding their returning Solar partners. Any thing else is waiting in the mean time for the right oppertunity to strike. Being an active member of the Silver Pact implies you are doing things to disrupt the Realm, or garner new strength for the Silver Pact, whether beating Barbarian hoardes into submission, or even venturing into the Wyld to throttle a certain Fae for its graces.


The Silver Pact has been in existence for a very long time, and the Artifact distribution amoung their members for a large front who have been able to hoarde such mystical items is poor. So heres a slight revision;

x - You have either chosen to not have any Artifacts, or you were not awarded any.
o - You may have a single level 1 Artifact
oo - You may have up to 2 levels of Artifact(s)
ooo - You may have up to 3 levels of Artifact(s)
oooo - You may have up to 4 levels of Artifact(s) or You may have up to 5 points of Artifacts none higher than Level 3
ooooo - You may have up to 5 levels of Artifact(s) or You may have up to 7 points of Artifacts none higher than Level 4

So, either a plethora of trinkets, or a single item of power. The logic being that Lunar can actually sniff out Moonsilver, therefore they aren't wanting for any, but still reserving the good stuff for those who earned it.


I wont re-invent the wheel here, go check out hplovescats' Expanded Hearts Blood Rules, they are very much the awesome.

Attributes and Distribution

Some optional ideas for Attributes, remember, these are only food for thought, nothing hard and fast:

One More: In addition to their 3 caste attributes, the Lunar may Select a single favoured attribute as they please. This has been tested, and works well to make characters a little more flexible.
Buy Another: Purchases of Legendary Attribute makes the selected attribute favoured for Lunars if selected Attribute is non-caste. Untested as of yet.
The Clarified Approach: Treat Attribute point distribution as Alchemical Exalts. 3 caste Attributes, 3 Favoured, and the points prioritzed in that manner. This is untested, be very way.

Charm Costs

The changes made the the charms were to accomodate the high experience point cost for Lunar charms, however, if you still feel that it costs too much then feel free to adapt the following costs:

Bonus point costs: remain the same.

Experience points:
New charm: 11xp (9xp if favoured)
Awesome Beastman Transformation Level: 12xp
Evolutions: 6xp

The 5 Castes

As a result of a campaign by a Lunar party, or simply a call by a Story Teller, all 5 original Castes can be Present, instead of 3. For Caste Attributes of the original castes, theres a handy dandy Table by Sixten, which I think works perfectly.

Anima Powers to Compliment the Lunars book

The Changing Moons are not gone unless the ST claims so, the following castes may co-exist along side the three current castes. However, it would be best if there simply were 5:

Waxing Moon - The priests and courtiers of Luna, the subtle negotiators and weavers of illusion, as opposed to the overt presence of Sol's Zenith Caste.

Anima powers: The Waxing Moons Caste may Spend 10 motes to sanctify an area for a scene up to their Essence x 10 yards around them. This area is warded against the undead and spirits, peaceful and hostile alike. All Undead, Demons, Ghosts, Spirits and Gods within the sanctified area lose the Lunars Permanent Essence in dice for all combat and opposed rolls.

Half Moon - The tacticians and observers, where the Eclipse caste would broker deals, it would be the Half moons who would point them to easier ground to settle upon.

Anima powers: The Half moons exemplify the adaptability of Luna, provided they have a willing tutor, they may Learn the charms of other Exalted and spirits for twice the normal cost, and use, however they must have 1 higher essence than the minimum essence of the charm they wish to learn. By Spending 10 motes Half Moons may express a single powerful emotion, or thought into the minds of others for up to Essence x 5 Yards. So long as the Half Moon can express the thought or emotion, whether a simple statement of, "I will not harm you.", or a grave threat, "I will Kill you myself."; those around them they will find themselves hard-pressed to doubt the Lunars words.

Waning Moon - The spies and tricksters, blessed above and beyond the normal capacity of the other Lunar castes in the ways of subtlety and guile, where the Night caste would use their super human skill to evade detection, it was the Waning Moons who would simply walk in the front door otherwise unnoticed.

Anima powers: For 10 motes, the Waning Moon may project a visual illusion for a single scene, they will appear as any-one they are familiar with. This effect ends if their anima banner activates in any way, or if they engages into a significant physical action. Being of the Waning Moon gives way to an expectation of stealth, and one cannot have their anima flaring when they are in the midst of hiding, Luna in her forsight blessed the Waning Moons. Waning Moons calculate their Essence pools in the following way: Personal: [Essence] + [Willpowerx4]; periphial: [Essencex4] + [Highest Virtuex4].

Anima Powers to Compliment Sol Invictus

A slightly trickier process than above, given that Sol Invictus presents a trio of powers, this will be a work in progress for certain.

Under Sol Invictus Solars gain: Inherent Excellence, Supreme Power, and Divine Privilige. Following these forms for Lunars is hard, so as an idea posed by DeadManSeven, each of the various powers are drawn from their caste attributes. Each Caste Attrbiute gains the Lunar a power related to that Attribute, this is the Lunars Self Mastery.

Strength: Jumping Distances are Doubled for a Scene for 3 motes, this effect may be purchased upto [Essence] times, increasing the amount multiplied by 1 each time.
Dexterity: Running Speeds are Doubled for for a Scene 3 Motes, this effect may be purchased upto [Essence] times, increasing the amount multiplied by 1 each time.
Stamina: For 5 motes the Lunar may add thier [Essence+1] to Natural Soak values (including aggrivated) for a scene.

Charisma: The Lunar may spend 5 motes, and for the next [Essence] Turns, all those within ear-shot of the Lunar Must stop and Listen to what the Lunar has to say.
Manipulation: For 10 motes Lunar may express a single powerful emotion, or thought into the minds of others for up to Essence x 5 Yards. So long as the Lunar can express the thought or emotion those around them they will find themselves hard-pressed to doubt the Lunars' words.
Appearance: For 5 motes the Lunar may make a minor illusion upto Essence x 10 yard away which may fool a single sense for [Essence] Turns.

Perception: The Lunar may spend 10 motes, for a scene his senses sharpen, allowing him to perceive illusions, and glammours as being the false-hoods they are. While he knows of them, he cannot see through them without the use of charms or spells.
Intelligence: The Lunar may attune his anima to lower the cost of sorcery by 1 mote for each more spent for a scene, this may not lower the spells cost by more than half.
Wits: The Lunar may aid in the co-ordination of the actions of his allies. For 5 motes, the character gets a pool of [Essence x3] dice, which can be spent to add dice to aid in an allies roll. No more than the Lunars Permanent Wits can be added to any one roll. This pool exists for a scene, or until all dice are spent.

Okay, after a little delibration, here it is, the extended Anima powers, this does 2 things. Firstly, it amps up the old Castes, but diminishes the new ones presendted above, so heres a simple fix.

1: Use the powers simply as thus - You gain the anima power per caste attribute as outligned below:

Fullmoon: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina
Changing Moon: Charisma, Manipulation, Wits
Waxing Moon: Charisma, Appearance, Wits
Half Moon: Stamina, Manipulation, Perception
Waning Moon: Manipulation, Appearance, Dexterity
No Moon: Perception, Intelligence, Wits

2: If you feel this lessens the powers as given for the new casts above then the following are amended:

Waxing Moon: Charisma, Appearance, Wits - May Sanctify areas as out-lined above.
Half Moon: Stamina, Manipulation, Perception - May learn other charms as out-lined above.
Waning Moon: Manipulation, Appearance, Dexterity - May calculate their mote pools as above.

The Original Castes gain a substantial shot in the arm, and are not wholly lacking for more powers. But if I can think of somthing nifty to add onto the end for each, just to make it their own, I will.

Martial Arts

We all know that Lunar + Martial Arts = Scary, and so it should be. Now lets make it scarier. Lets let the Lunars learn Sidereal Martial Arts.

Now before you panic, lets expound on that for a minute, and give it the right chance it deserves.

Step 1. A Teacher: A Lunar cannot simply pick-up a Sidereal Martial Art from text, or sutra Alone. They need a teacher. Whether a Sidereal actually willing to cop the flak for teaching a Celestial one of the sacred paths, to a Solar Lover who knows, or perhaps a wise and old Lunar who learned many years ago.

Step 2. Initation: Before a Lunar can learn a Sidereal Martial Art, they will require to learn initiations, similar to the kind that Terrestrials must learn before they begin mastery of Celestial Martial Arts. What these charms could be is open to interpretation, but most likely they will be related to animals or the moon.

Step 3. Time: Learning a Martial Art takes Time, moreso for a Sidereal Martial art, all learning times triple, and the charms are not considered favoured when purchasing (15 xp).

Extra Factors: Remember, to learn a Sidereal Martial Art to the form requires an entire mastered Martial Art prior.
Totemic resonance, when such Sidereal Martial Arts are created, there is a harmony with them, one could assume that Styles formed after creatures, namely a Lunars Totem creature, could provide some benefit. Whether this is a slightly cheaper cost to the xp cost of charms, or a reduced mote cost, is up to whoever is willing to allow the Lunar to learn a Sidereal Martial Art.


seems like somthng worth while. However I do have one problem. Many of the changes Seem to elevatle lurnar to solar power level, which they are not suposed to have. I think they need to be better then they are, but waning moon, for exemple, gain a larger pool then a solar in the end. Just my two cents -Azurelight

That's actually the normal Lunar mote formula, just with a bit moved. With certain stats (high Virtues, mainly), Lunars do have higher essence pools than Solars at lower Essence levels. Whether that's a bug or a feature, and if it needs addressing, is another matter, however. - DeadManSeven
The Waning moon dont have a larger mote pool, just a larger personal pool through minor poking of the maths; the mote pools calculate the same with any other Lunar of the same Essence, Willpower, and virtue. The changes aren't made wholly to compete with Solars, merely compliment them, Lunars are Celestial Exalts too. - ArabianNinja whee, comments.

It what mostly a product of me misreading the formula. I am just concerned about maintaining the intended balance. I am all for beafing lunars out of the mud, but the only area where they should reach Solar level is their niche.

They do need fixin though, and I like the concept of Evolutions, though every exalt seems to get them in Second edition. -Azurelight

Really? I need to check out second edition then, eventually, I do like number 1 as it is. The Lunar Niche is contestable, I'll put a page up on theories related to the Lunars later. But for Lunars its mostly their survival and adaptability, and above all they compliment the Solars. They are the Scalpel to the Sword, and and Anvil to the Hammer. As it stands I made this A wiki-project simply because I do like feedback, and I know my ideas arent perfect, please do feel free to make suggestions if you feel somthing is better. Otherwise if you would like my justifications for my ideas, just ask. - ArabianNinja, writing them all now would bore many people :P

Yeah; I motly agree with that, just pointing it out is all. And the Lunar niche is indeed contestable. I do Like too hear justifications though, mostly for the sake of intrest -Azurelight

Okay, lets list em off:

Waxing: Negotiators, I felt a direct aura of peace against all comers was over-powered, but vs spirts/gods ghosts/demons, and undead, a little more fitting, given they are priests too.
Half Moon: Tacticians, giving them the ability to learn other charms like the eclipse made sense, any good tactician knows to beat an enemy you must know them; Besides, an unfavoured charm costs 30xp, which isnt that fantastic unless you're running a game with lower cost, or off of BP only. Their ability to impress a thought/emotion is a very thematic thing, a Half-moon Holding a Bridge will claim: "The first person to cross I will kill, the second I will wound, and the third will kill me. Who will be first?" impressing the statement "The first to cross I will kill." They could be jack-faced lying about anything else, but their enemies will have no doubt that the Half Moon will kill the first one to cross.
Waning: Stealth experts, and the book claims that the changing moons come off of them moreso than any of the other two, So I ported over the anima power, and poked around with the mote maths to give them a slightly more advantagous Personal pool, this is a slightly powerful, no denying it, but the logic is that as lunars are more internal in their mastery of their Essence, such as growing claws of moonsilver as opposed to summoning a weapon made of holy light, this seemed like a good way to do it.

Hope that made sense to you. - ArabianNinja, who isn't sure it makes sense to himself at times... :P

Waxing: Makes sense. Waning: Makes sense.

Half Moon:Makes some sense, but here is where I reacted, and the reason is that I have sub conciously started to over write the X1 part of my brain with X2. So when i read it, I basically read "eclipse anima power", and that anima power is alot more potent in my brain messed it up. Also, I am it is good to tack that power there since it is alredy in place somehere.-Azurelight
A fair enough failing. Make no misatke this Patch is for Exalted Original, as I am sure they are making the effort to fix the Lunars themselves for Version 2. - ArabianNinja

I have ammended the Line claiming the Changing Moon Caste as being gone, some people like them, so lets not mess with that. - ArabianNinja

Addendum: I think I noticed a possible issue with the Half-moon. When Eclipse and Moonshadows use that power, they generally acqire somthing with effects on or below thier intended power level. It may be out of theme, but still genrally below their power level. With lunars, it would be a bit diffrent.-Azurelight

Well the only book I can immediately reference is the Exalted Main book, which makes no mention of any effects beyond the higher cost for charms and activation, and being barred from having non-Solar charms from the get go. If theres any cavats on the Moonshadow power, then I dont know them. - ArabianNinja, unless you mean in 2nd edition, but that hardly matters as this is a 1st ed patch.

I think he's just pointing out that Solars learning out of caste charms will always be learning charms that are at MOST, the same 'power level' as them (high siddy, abyssal). If lunars can learn out of type charms (indeed, if anyone can) then they can start learning solar or abyssal charms, which might prove problematic. An easy fix would be to limit lunars to Celestial level charms or lower, much as their sorcery is limited. Some of the sidereal charms are really nice and perhaps a little over the lunar level, but on the other hand, they're very difficult to get and I believe they can never use prayerstrips or charms requiring approval.
-- Darloth

Another easy fix would be to restrict Half Moon learning to Charms with an Essence requirement one lower than the Lunar's Essence. They still get good stuff, just not as quickly. - FrivYeti
That works nicely, thanks FrivYeti - ArabianNinja

Next point, Any ideas on attribute training times? I think they might be too long in general (nothing else in exalted is realistic, but it takes months and months to raise strength from 3 to 4), but lunars should certainly get a favoured discount for it, as well as maybe more of a discount for xp. Reducing multipliers by 1 instead of -1 works okay, so attributes cost curr * 3 weeks instead of curr * 4, and favoured attributes might cost either curr * 3 xp or (curr*4)-2 xp, as they're twice as expensive, so the discount could be twice as large. Opinions?
-- Darloth

See while I did want to originally knock the price of attributes down XP wise, looking at the Autochthonian Book, I noted that there was no change to the cost to raise Caste/favoured attributes, and I didn't feel the need to mess with that as it would make the Lunars out of synch with the others. However as for related times, feel free to mess with those as you like, current x3 weeks as opposed to x4 is fine. - ArabianNinja