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from the writings of Chaste Smile, Twilight Caste of the Scavenger Lands

Once again my search to rebuild the lost wonders of the past heads down another dead end -- some wonder, lost to the ages with the destruction of the infrastructure that once made it possible. I do not think that Kravelt will come again into Creation, at least not anytime soon -- though perhaps the loss of this bizarre material is somewhat fortunate.

Kravelt, also called the Godmetal, was manufactured in the height of the First Age through a process that is somewhat beyond me. I know it required large, specially constructed foundries, filled with delicate machinery to properly balance the essence (which seems to be a placeholder in various texts for 'some process we no longer understand'). Kravelt's production also required the participation of several Gods, the most prominent of whom was a Craftsman-Divinity named Twelve Forges Thunder.

The material saw use in a number of First Age artifacts designed to interact with Elementals and the elements themselves. These ranged from benign or useful things like the Jade Fire Ribbons or the automatons called Oaken Stewards to more decidedly deadly artifacts. Almost all of the weapons of uttermost horror and destruction produced by the First Realm involved a good amount of Kravelt; large-scale elemental manipulations were made trivial with the use of essence channeled through this material, and that proved more than able to create items of uncommon lethality.

Now, however, with the Celestial Bureaucracy in an uproar and the delicate machinery impossible to maintain or recreate -- Kravelt is gone, except for the deadly remnants of the past that still remain.

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