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Lamaiya, the Soft and Restless River

From the writings of Foundation Apex, archivist to Ledaal Visaren of Tuchara:

According to Meridian Blaze’s Remembrance of the First War, the demoness Lamaiya walked among the souls of Adrián, the River of Torments. Later records from the early schools of sorcery indicate that Lamaiya somehow survived the death and rebirth of Adrián. The anonymous Anecdotes of a Superior Sorceror suggests that she somehow made use of magical artifacts to prolong her existence and to give her some measure of independence from the Yozi Adorjan.

Several of the most potent artifacts known to the First Age fell into Lamaiya’s clutches, including the Egg of the Lost Behemoth, several Obsidian Eyes, one of the Yozi Words, and even one of the fabled Jade Fire Ribbons, whose five hundred component threads she wove into a net with which to anchor her Essence to the material plane. (Note that, despite the Lady of Legends’ casual assurance that only three Jade Fire Ribbons were created, the Book of Red Magic clearly notes that the individual threads of the Ribbons were created in enormous quantities, and in fact several thousand can be found in the vaults of the Heptagram.)

Sometime near the close of the First Age, the Xenovore invaded Lamaiya’s fastness in the East. Whether it devoured Lamaiya’s artifacts or Lamaiya herself, the attack put an end to her long existence.

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