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Jalan Dai

Song of Seven Willows, the cerulean gate to the past, imparts:

Jalan Dai, lesser god of Unfortunate Mistakes, was a noted historian of the First Age; his most celebrated work, The Fire Chronicle, detailed how unfortunate mistakes shaped the form of the world, from the Primordial War to the apex of the First Age.

Earlier in his career, Dai was a senior supervisor in the Forbidding Manse of Ivy, where his expertise and judgements were sought by Exalt and spirit alike. After a long life of servitude to the Bureau of Destiny, the god retired in the city of Hirruet's tallest tower. As the god's life went on, he became more stubborn and cantankerous than ever, and took a concubine, the mute god-blooded daughter of Kuzari Nefhindi. Silent Paradise, sometimes called the Dream-Dancer of Hirruet, is sometimes blamed for her lover's active role in the demise of her father's city, though it is unclear whether her actions were infernal or merely bedroom-related.

Regardless, Dai ignored the warnings regarding the Essence lock on his original copy of The Fire Chronicle, -- a lock he designed himself with the Kaskuri Rite of Essence-Bindry -- and it unraveled in a wave of dark, quiet sorcery on The Day of Silence. Stripped of his divinity by the black spell, he fled through the streets in fear that he would be forced to answer for his mistake, although the citizens had yet to figure out what had robbed them all of their hearing.

Ultimately, Jalan Dai's paranoia proved to be his downfall, as he broke his ankle and pitched headlong into an abandoned home near the gates of the city. Having thought he heard city guards coming for him, he stayed silent for a while; eventually, he realized he was without food and too injured to walk. His remains were found a season later. In his memoirs, his ghost recounts that he called for help for days; his most unfortunate mistake, then, was to die calling for help in a deafened city.

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