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Indenture of Dragons

Paradise Cloud, humble scribe and Immaculate Scholar, writes:

Despite the overtones of heresy in the name of this writ, it refers to a mandate not over the Immaculate Dragons, but over those Celestial Censors who take the form of Dragons in fitting deference to the greatest of all Gods.

In the Age of Amarnath, the Anathema, in their pride, began to consort with Demons. As a result, the common folk suffered much as sorcerers such King Amirrutzes perfected their techniques. Still largely intact is a savage indictment of Amirrutzes' century-long struggle to perfect his Doctrine of Harmonic Binding, written as an appendix to Saturn's Purview: My Travels And Bedizenments, by Mouse That Hunts Eagles. In it, she catalogues first-hand the suffering Amirrutzes caused:

"The peasants in his holdings still bore flayed flesh on their scalps from the escape of a Hiccarpamus, and when they spoke they dropped their eyes to the dust, for a troupe of Jei-Lin had taken cloud form above their master's manse and so the peasants still dared not look up except on cloudless days. For myself I saw the dual blights caused by escaped Escalions and Berenels on land and lake alike, and the twisting-scourge of an Esteveme's passage lingered still in the eyes of many a child. But all was overshadowed by the changes wreaked on the littlest gods of the region, for in his folly Amirrutzes had allowed the Metaphoric Crafters' League to escape Malfeas!"

What foul acts the League performed on the local gods we can but imagine. We can assume that their activities continued, however, for shortly before the dawn of the Grand Solar Monarchy they went too far even for Yu Shan to bear.

Attempting to free their leader (the Glazier of Emerald Nights, Glamorous Composition), Sarismund, Dream-smith Hammer, Seven Eyes of Deceit, Consummate Disgrace, Iron Butterfly, Glory Skinner and other, less well-known members of the League combined their crafting skills to create The Keeping and Disregarding Of All Intention and in doing so brought down the wrath of Heaven.

In their fury, the Greatest Gods passed The Indenture of Dragons. It orders that the Exalted bear responsibility under the aegis of Yu Shan for all things they summon or create, for while Creation is theirs to rule, they must still allow the Gods a place within it, and to ensure this was so, the Censors of Heaven were assigned, in this one instance, to have domain over the Exalted.

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