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Glamorous Composition

Remismund, the Lampblack Emir, writes:

A Demon of the Second Circle, Expressive soul of Zahanna who betrays her beloved. A devourer of mystical creatures and eternal student of Essence mechanics, she is a staunch ally of Berengiere and Alveua, and the founder of the Metaphoric Crafters' League. She is often thought of in conjunction with the Fair Folk, as her own brand of metaphoric craft is the glassblowing of dreams.

Long rumored to be the loveliest of demons, a silhouette of emerald whose cunning carvings and esoteric shapes held all transfixed in awe, Glamorous Composition, also called Chindo-Urna, the Glazier of Emerald Nights, spent many years bound into the artifact known as Flying Dismissal. Her final escape, at the League's intervention, led to the Indenture of Dragons treaty.

The Harbor of Stars killings stand out sharply in this otherwise gentle demon's history; she and the Grassblade artifact are somehow associated with this frightening series of events. Some believe that the Grassblade is a dream of beauty and grace, welded to one of killing and hatred, a testament to Chindo-Urna's craftsmanship and artistry.

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