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Until this methodology was advanced, demonic summoning was a far more dangerous endeavor then it is today. Thanks to King Amirrutez Champion-of-Ten, there is now little to fear when binding the lesser demons of Malfeas to sorcerous wills.

Early in the study of demon summoning, the only method through which summoned demons could be reliably controlled without constant attention and threat by the summoner or another great power was the binding oaths of the Yozis themselves and the subsidiary bindings placed upon the demons which form the Yozis' souls. Because of this, demons became increasingly recalcitrant the farther from the Yozi they were in lineage. While demons of the Third Circle were bound almost as strongly as the Yozis themselves, the demons of the First Circle were hardly bound at all and often escaped to rampage around the countryside.

Using the Doctrine of Harmonic Binding, it became possible to enhance demon-binding spells to resonate with the Yozi-essence contained in even the weakest demon, and empower it. For the period of the binding, the demon is as constrained by the Yozi Oaths as the Ebon Dragon himself, but also slightly more powerful than normal, infused as it is with Yozi-essence.

Some rare strains of First and Second Circle demons, particularly those of Yozis who have suffered fetich-death, are immune to the Doctrine of Harmonic Binding. The largest group of such immune demons is known as Ysimils and have an unknown lineage. Because only one group has ever succeeded in binding Ysimils for any period of time, that group being the Itinerants of the World Mother (a cult of infernal druids who worship Cytherea the Mother of Creation), some scholars believe they are protected by some form of bond between Cytherea and Gaia, possibly being demonic children of either or both.

- Telgar, Sidereal Historian. Chosen of Saturn.

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