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After three full and two already-damaged Solar Circle spellforms were unleashed in the Dying Scream of Shattered Adamant, the satrapies of Horizon and Good Harbour were decimated for several months while reconstruction crews and sorcerous cleansing teams worked to undo the lingering effects of the nigh-apocalyptic blast. It was during this time that the Beryl Coalition, a group of Earth Aspected sorcerers, were dispatched to Good Harbour to fight off the demoness Lamaiya, who had been summoned from her stronghold by the spell.

The Beryl Sorcerers were unable to defeat Lamaiya until a trio of Fae Nobles known as the Weird Sisters joined the conflict. Though Lamaiya was driven off, the Beryls were unhappy with the fae intervention and attempted to make the public believe that the Sisters had attempted to aid the demon instead of helping banish it. When the Sisters were trusted over the Terrestrials, they summoned a number of First and Second Circle Demons and began waging a campaign of terror across Good Harbour.

A temporary alliance of the Fae, the Weird Sisters and the Solars, led by Flawless Mirror, defeated the Terrestrials and their demon army within two months, but Good Harbour was decimated. The Fae-Solar alliance, a unique instance known as the Pact of Infinite Glory, persisted for one day longer than the battle with the Terrestrials, after which the Sisters and their hordes departed for the Wyld.

- Telgar, Sidereal Historian. Chosen of Saturn.

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