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The Dying Scream of Shattered Adamant

Song of Seven Willows, the serene hand of history, writes:

After Glamorous Composition had departed its well-known thread, the diagrams it had caused the thread to make remained clear. These were not simple sketches, but rather spells put forth in a form none had ever anticipated. This could have lead to a great breakthrough in spellcasting (especially for sorcerers who found themselves mute, such as the renowned Xi Pou) were it not for the fact that spells recorded in this way were so volatile.

Perhaps they were meant to be; perhaps these diagrams remained as a sort of vengeance for the time that the demon spent trapped in the thread. Regardless, the thread would, on occasion, unravel itself and let loose one of the spells. No one knows precisely what the requisite conditions were for such an occurrence. And, on even rarer occasions, the thread would unravel an entire spell, and keep going -- unleashing half of another spell. The results, as one might imagine, were disasterous.

The Thread of Puissance and its intricate diagrams were left in the hands of Justicar Crystal Raven, despite the pleas of local Gods to take the thread gently to Yu-Shan, where it could be more safely contained. Arian, god of cats, sent three hundred felines to sit and meow petulantly at the gates of his manor; even then, the Justicar could not be bothered to give him an audience. After that day -- forever after -- cats would not set foot inside Horizon.

The Scream of Shattered Adamant is so called because three full spells and two half-spells unraveled themselves at once, in a howling scream of the Solar Circle. Blood rained from the sky, and every pregnant female of every species went into labor at the same time, giving birth to twisted, stillborn things. The spells swept across the valley to the neighboring satrapy of Good Harbour, and the destruction it wrought their was the harbinger of the Conflict of Seventy-Seven Beryls.

Needless to say, keeping spells in the form of sorcerous diagrams was thenceforth forbidden.


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