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Because I keep everything but my living area neat and clean.

Aha, gotcha, my fierce canine friend. :)
(If I'm wrong this will be embarrassing ... but I don't think I am.)
~ Shataina

Bah. Just 'cause she signed on first...

<Hangs head in shame> I just assumed you were one of Adam's friends from American. Sorry. <Hug> Welcome, though! (Parenthetical comment similar to Shataina's) - SilverMeerKat
PS: 'Taina, if I ever slip up and put your actual name up here or elsewhere, I apologize in advance - just go ahead and fix it.

Don't worry about it! I'll just take your soul in payment. Mm, tasty.
~ Shataina

Bah. Just because I slept last night. I'm still disgusted by your Sifu. - EJGRgunner

This teaches us a lesson about sleeping at night, now doesn't it?
~ Shataina

Congratulations Shataina, you have just won yourself a lovely set of dinner spoons from the Vlad the Impaler collection and a beautiful, purebreed, starved to death puppy of unknown origins.
I can't believe you guys got me onto this thing. I don't what's wrong with me, but I blame the thesis.

Dude, my grandma just pressed a spoon rack on me and everything. This is like ... synchronicity, yo. Shall I expect them delivered to my door?

As for the puppy, uh ... wanna come over for dinner tomorrow night?
~ Shataina

I'm slow. - Morpheus

Apparently I'm slower.
Still haven't gotten there yet, though I might know where I'm going.
p.s. Debbie did have a great ass.

Are you talking about Debbie from Freshman year?--KaleUtterdark
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